Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bra Browsing (OOTD)

I went bra browsing with a friend of mine last Sunday, just because I suspected she might be wearing the wrong size. We'd been fitted together last year at Bras N Things, and I'd been put into a 10D, which was totally incorrect for me. I figured my friend had probably been fitted incorrectly too, but I hadn't had a chance to check. She told me that she'd gone down in cup size, too, so she thought she was probably a 10C.

We went to Bendon and I had a look at the bra she was wearing. It seemed to fit ok, but it was old so it was fairly stretched out. Must have been a fairly generous C cup though, because when we tried C cups in the Elle MacPherson and Bendon brands, she was clearly too big for them. We then looked at 10Ds, some of which fit ok and some of which were still too small. Finally in a 10DD, I showed her how although the particular styles she had didn't work with her boobs, the wires extended far enough across her chest that her breast tissue was fully encased at the sides and there was no cutting in at the top of the cup. Depending on the style, she's now going to be looking at 10Ds and 10DDs. We didn't buy a bra there because they're $60+ and we were tired!

I tried on bras as well (why pass up the opportunity?) and it greatly annoyed me first that out of four or five brands in the store, only one had bras in my size - and then only because I was wearing 10Fs instead of 8FFs. It also annoyed me that the brand - Elle MacPherson - had only sheer cup balconettes for my size. They had lovely padded cups in different styles for smaller cup sizes, but all the same for me. Don't get me wrong, they were still beautiful bras, but all the same :(

Anyway, have an OOTD from a time I can't remember, but fairly recently. I very rarely wear black, so here's an all black outfit! (Looks like I need to clean my camera lens >>)


  1. How did I get here? I don't know. But I DO know that bra shopping drives me crazy because they NEVER have my size anywhere (my band size is WAY smaller than expected for my cup size, I guess). And if I go somewhere where they want to "fit" me, they're always wrong, but won't listen to me when I calmly explain why I will not fit the size they measured.


    1. Hi Sarah! Welcome to my blog :) Do you read any other bra bloggers? If not, have a look at some of the ones in my sidebar. Thin and Curvy, Hourglassy, Miss Underpinnings and Boosaurus all live in the US and some of them have information about places to visit in the US for bra fitting. Unfortunately I can't think of any place other than Nordstrom off the top of my head, and I know they aren't great.

      Do you mind if I ask your bra size/measurements? I might be able to suggest some good places to shop, or ask around for you in case there are some places to go to that you're not aware of yet.

  2. Lol, 10C? you? that would be quite an effort to get you fitted in those cups... anyway, I love the black on you. gothic girl is nice ;)

    xoxo denocte

    1. Haha I don't think I've ever been fitted into a 10C, but 10D I regularly get fitted into. I've been fitted into an 8D, so equivalent of a 10C! That particular fitting was ridiculous because I was spilling out in ways I'd never expect, and the fitter was going "wow, it's great!"

      Thanks :) I tend to avoid the gothic look most of the time because goths only seem to wear black, red and purple and red and purple are my least favourite colours. I can do black though!


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