Sunday, 29 July 2012

Double Debut (OOTD)

Last night was the 21st birthday party of one of my closest friends. The theme was a Scottish ball, which I did not dress for at all. I turned up slightly late (as I always do) to find a hall with mostly older people, a very few people my age and some couples waltzing on the dance floor. It was a little bit worrying, but once I'd been there for a bit I decided I might as well try the dancing out, so I gathered a partner and got up on the dance floor, and pretty much didn't leave it except to eat. Although I usually go in for the spastic look in dancing (think kind of a mix of this and this) this was proper partner dancing, I don't even know what kind because I am sorely uneducated, but based on a quick Google of the name of the only dance I remember (a Split the Willow) it was folk dancing - ooh, yes, I recognise that we danced The Swedish Masquerade at some point, meaning we were dancing ceilidh dances. Anyway, it was great fun for me, although a little unnerving having to learn and remember steps and then dance with the rest of the people looking on! One of the songs was named for my friend, written just for her, and I danced the dance to that with the instructor, which was great because dancing with a man who knows how to lead takes dancing to another level.

My "Scottish" outfit.

Dancing so much made me out of breath, gave me a stitch and made me sweat a lot. Some of the dances were incredibly physical and they went on for quite some time. Normally that would be cause for concern for me, because I tend to start smelling pretty easily even with deodorant on, so I have to reapply a couple of times a night when I'm dancing. Last night, however, I was wearing home made deodorant made with a recipe from here that I hadn't much hope for, but wanted to try anyway because I get sick of reapplying deodorant so often. As a test, the night of dancing did a very thorough job and after about three hours of dancing I smelled as sweet as when I started (smelled faintly of vanilla, yum!). I was blown away. I have worn it today and still just smell faintly of vanilla (and maybe a hint of baking soda?) so I'm quivering with excitement, but I will continue to sit on the edge of my seat, just waiting for it to stop working. Fingers crossed it won't, though!

So as well as being the debut of my home made deodorant, last night was also the debut of my unshaved underarms. I haven't shaved my legs for a number of years and have no problem going bare legged, especially since my leg hair is light enough that I've never had an unsolicited comment on them. For a lot of people, hairy legs are worse than hairy armpits, but for me it's the opposite. I stopped shaving my armpits in June, but when I had to go to an event with a sleeveless top, I caved and shaved. It annoyed me that I did that, so I stopped shaving again and decided that I wasn't going to care this time. So I danced with my sleeveless dress and my hairy armpits and I lifted my arms to be twirled and nobody commented and I felt strong and strange (but I was at a Scottish ball for a 21st, which is very strange compared to the boring drinkfests everyone else has) and happy with myself. I don't have a problem with anyone else shaving whatever they want (male, female or other) but I prefer to have a shaved head and hairy legs and arms.

*staunch face*


  1. Your outfit is fantastic, especially the boots and the tights!

    I've heard really great things about baking soda and coconut oil deodorants (I've put coconut oil on my pits after a shower, or when I used to epilate, because it's very soothing and stops stink), but I never actually get around to making my own deodorant. I really should because I recently noticed my current deodorant leaves marks on the armpits of my sleeveless shirts, and doesn't even work well. :/

    Good for you on the armpit situation-- I think the shaving body parts thing is a bit misogynistic, but I still can't seem to get comfortable with it on myself! I am still not comfortable not shaving there (too self conscious, and I think I get more stinky with hair there).

    1. Thanks Chloe. The boots and tights were both impulse buys that I later regretted, because I don't normally like the colour that the tights are and the boots are a bit close to Gothic for my normal liking. They turned out to be successes, though!

      I am sadly a smelly person so normal deodorant just doesn't work all that well for me. I wasn't expecting the home made stuff to be any better, but the recipe was so easy and I knew we had all the ingredients, so I just had to try it. So glad I did!

      I understand the discomfort. I find myself a little unsettled when I look at the pictures above, because my whole life I've been told that smooth is attractive. It's hard trying to fight that, but it's important to me. I have noticed that I get more smelly with the hair, but with the new deo it's not a problem at all :)

  2. I don't think I could go without shaving my armpits (I'd be self-conscious of smelling), but I admire your confidence! I think it's weird how people become obsessed with having absolutely no hair on their bodies and shaving everything they can. It's a bit ridiculous. Hair grows where it does for a reason! Soon people will be plucking out their eyebrows :D

    Glad to hear the homemade deodorant stood the test of dancing. I want to try making some of my own!

    1. Thanks Megan :) I have noticed I am a little more smelly now that I don't shave, but since the homemade deo elimates all smell, it doesn't matter anyway.

      It concerns me the way women have to be so hairless! I remember I was shocked when I found out that apparently we're meant to shave our thighs, too. I know some guys who don't like hair and so they try to be hairless, but that doesn't bother me because it's a quirk of theirs, not enforced by society.

  3. I just want to say, this post/you/your whole blog continue to be really inspiring for me! It's taken me a while to just not care what others think of my short hair (I don't know many girls with short hair, and many people I know think "long hair is prettiest, and you can't be pretty with short hair"), and remembering how you rock very short hair is encouraging to me. And while I generally shave my legs and armpits, I have dark body hair in general, can't shave super often because of sensitive skin, and will never fit that "perfectly smooth and hairless" ideal.

    You (and your confidence and style) rock! :) x

    1. Aww thanks Christine! That means a lot to me. I get so sick of being told "you should grow your hair long" - by people I've just met and have no right to comment on my appearance. I love that you have short hair too and anyone who tells you that you're not pretty needs their mind looked at. <3


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