Friday, 26 October 2012

Looking at Freya

I went bra shopping twice in Auckland. The first was to Smith and Caugheys, which is a big department store for rich people that has a large selection of bras, most of which I can't wear because they're brands that aren't out of the dark ages yet. They have a small range of Fantasie, Elomi and Freya bras though, so I could try on some Freya (their Fantasie start at a size 10).

I tried on six Freya bras (all I could find in my size): Piper, Ada, Faye, Lauren, Rio and Lyla. I couldn't get any good photos of them, but they all gave me the pointy profile that Freya tends to go for, which I am not at all keen on. I never think I look good in a Freya soft-cup bra. The Piper, Ada and Faye were all incredibly comfortable though, but the others were stiff or scratchy.

The Piper, Ada and Faye all fit pretty much the same in an 8FF, with the pointy look, a little bit of gaping in the sheer section on my left boob (my smaller boob) and slight cutting in of the very top of the sheer section but overall acceptable. Freya underwires tend to be narrower (they don't extend as far around the sides of the body but are more u shaped, so they stop sooner) which suits me better.

I found the Lauren to be stiff and uncomfortable, with the side profile very odd. It flattened and made my boobs pointy at the nipple, but then gave my boobs more room at the top, so instead of giving me a flat line from the top of my boob down to the nipple as the others did (kind of like /, but less of an incline) it bulged and then flattened (kind of like (, if you can imagine the bottom of the parenthesis to be where my nipple was). I tried the Lauren in the 10F, the sister size to my actual size of 8FF.

The Rio in 8FF looked like the first three, but it's made of a strange large mesh of some kind that was not at all soft. The Lyla in 10F also looked like the first three but is totally sheer and was very scratchy compared to the soft material of the Piper, Ada and Faye.

I think the Piper is the prettiest and if it was on sale I'd definitely get it, pointy boobs and all. Alas, it was $75.

So, Freya is pretty much a no-go for me unless they're on sale, because they're comfortable but not at all my preferred look and if I'm going to spend $90 on a bra, I want to look great in it as well as feeling great.
Freya Ada

Freya Piper
Freya Faye
Freya Lauren
Freya Rio
Freya Lyla (images from


  1. I love those bras :)
    the last one with the red is my favorite!

    1. Welcome to my blog :)

      They are pretty bras and I'm disappointed that they give me a shape I just don't like. My Freya Frankie is my favourite to wear because it's so comfortable, so I suspect these would be too!

  2. So sad to hear the rio dosent feel soft! We love the look at that one!

    Anya @ Rose & Thorne

    1. It's probably fine for people with less sensitive skin, and it probably gets softer after washing too, but it just couldn't compare with how ridiculously soft the first three were.

    2. If there is something that needs to be soft it has to be your bra! What makes me even more sad, is finding a bra that is fantastic but the matching knickers are itchy and have a dreaded front seam! Oh well...

    3. I can't say I've ever tried on matching knickers! I only wear high-waisted underwear (and only the highest of those I can find) so I don't even give most matching underwear a second glance. I bet it's annoying if you generally do wear them though!

  3. The first and last ones are my favorite - so cute! I have a tendency to buy sexy bras and panties but then wear the same plain nude set every day... I need to get better about caring about what I wear underneath my clothes! :)

  4. I really love the designs and the styles of freya bras. They are so gorgeous and comfortable to wear. It's perfect for any outfit.


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