Monday, 15 October 2012

One Year!!! (OOTD)

It's past my birthday!

I knew my blog turned one some time in October, but I thought it was later in the month. Turns out my blog turned one on the 6th of October! I'm quite excited that I made it this far, although if I'd thought further ahead I'd made sure my 100th post coincided with my one year anniversary. I will make up for it by making sure I get to 100 by the end of October!

I went to a party on Saturday night. It was raining and cold. The flat the party was in is one of the coldest houses I've ever been in. I am almost constantly cold and live with a heater (although I can't complain too much because at least my cold doesn't cause me pain, unlike those with Raynaud's disease). I was wearing the clothes you see below, plus my long coat. I was sooo cold! Silly me for thinking the party would be interesting enough that I'd be moving around. It wasn't. It was mostly people having boring conversations and trying to get drunk. At one point I managed to get my friend to discuss chemistry with me, but otherwise I was cold and bored.

However! On the bright side I was wearing an outfit that was more challenging for me than usual - simply because I had my top tucked into my jeans, even though my jeans don't come up to my waist. I don't normally tuck unless the waistband of my pants, shorts or skirt come up high enough, because I have a long torso and short legs. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and wear something that didn't perfectly flatter my figure (not saying I always get that right, because I often don't). Oh, I also wore my bright green belt, even though it didn't match anything else in my outfit. A scary thing for a matchy-matchy!

My beautiful, messy room and fabulous photography skills combined with nighttime, poor lighting and an average quality camera makes for some fairly rubbish photos, but oh well!

I bleached my hair at home on Saturday, after going to the mall and asking some cheap places how much it would cost and getting $85 as a quote. $85! For hair my length! When I asked for help finding bleach so I could do it myself, the dude instantly said "no you can't do that, you'll go ginga". I told him I'd do it myself and we went to the supermarket and bought bleach and toner for $22 and did it at home. It's less pale than I'd like, but since it was my first at home bleaching I didn't want to extend the time in case I fried my hair. My hair does look kinda ginga in these photos, but it's definitely blonde in person.

It seems to be common practice among the bloggers that I read to hold a giveaway of some kind when you reach a milestone. I don't really have anything I can give away, and I highly doubt that with my tiny readership any company is going to donate stuff for me to give to people. I will try to think of some fun way to celebrate my bloggiversary, but in the mean time you may have some random photos of my life:

Me wearing a green moustache!

The Hokitiki Gorge. I loooooove nature and very little gives me a greater or more immediate sense of peace than looking at something like this, especially if it's familiar to me (and I took this photo, so it's definitely familiar).

Me with long hair!!!! And wearing flowery jeans and a flowery top. I can't remember when this was, but probably when I was about 12ish. I don't actually remember my hair being like this, and when I first saw this photo I identified every other person in it and then went "who's the chick with the long red hair?" My brother had to point out that it was actually me. :O


  1. Happy bloggiversary! We're almost blog twins, you know - there's just 6 days between us.

    I love your boots in your OOTD :-)

    1. Thank you! Happy bloggiversary to you too. Hehe that's right! You're the older blog twin :)

      Me too! They were an impulse buy that have turned out to be a very good purchase.


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