Thursday, 25 October 2012


As I mentioned, I was up in Auckland (about an hour's flight north of Christchurch, where I live) from Thursday until Tuesday this week. I was up for my best friend's 21st party, and also included some winter shopping (sales, since it's spring!) and some frantic bra-trying-on. I will give some thoughts on the bras in a later post, but I thought I'd give you a few photos of the main reason I was up.

Unfortunately, the lighting in the venue (a dinky little bar with stuffed animals and old record players and other oldschool paraphernalia) was rubbish and since I just had my little old point and shoot, I could barely take any good photos. It made me very sad, but one of the girls at the party is a keen photographer and I'm hoping she got at least one photo of me among her many other snaps.

I accidentally set some wrapping paper on fire and then dropped it in some wax, so one of the other guests (whom I had just met) had to fish it out using straws for chopsticks. Unfortunately, the straws did not survive :(

The birthday girl and I.
I'm quite annoyed at my choice of bra for the night, because not having a strapless definitely negatively affected the look of my dress. I had actually bought a strapless that day, but it gave me awkward armpit fat that I was very self-conscious of (I hate strapless bras) and I knew I'd be uncomfortable about it all night and decided not to wear it. In hindsight, it probably would've looked better than the purple straps of my Freya Deco, but at least I was comfortable!

I hid in the bathroom to take some photos of myself, so people wouldn't ask questions about why I was doing it. I'm not usually shy about telling people I blog, but I was quite shy over the weekend, probably under the pressure of wanting to make a good impression on my bestie's friends but feeling I'm too weird to possibly do so.Whatever the reason for my hiding, I really enjoyed the chance to get away from the small-talk and try to pose awkwardly in the bathroom! (And awkward it was. When I was trying to get a photo of my shoes, I cut my head out of the picture - and couldn't even get my feet!)

The camera is perched precariously on some kind of fabric candle on top of the toilet here. I'm half posing, half poised to spring forward in case the camera falls!
Ooh, totally forgot to show a photo that shows my newest piercing. When I was up in Auckland in January, I got my lip pierced at Ballistic Tattoo, by a dude called Blair. I resolved to get another piercing from him this time, and went to get it on Friday. Originally I didn't feel like it, because I wasn't sure what I wanted, but after I settled on a second nostril piercing I got excited for it again.

Voila! Second nose ring.


  1. Such a cute dress! And if your straps are going to show, you might as well wear a gorgeous color like the one you chose!

    1. Thanks Darlene! The dress was only NZD$29 as well, so just my kind of price :) And the colour of my bra straps did match the bottom of my dress, so it wasn't a disaster xD

  2. You look lovely as a blonde with that dress!
    I would love to see you have your rat tail in a braid over your shoulder to go with the short hair:)

    1. Thanks! Welcome to my blog, if you haven't visited before.

      Haha I should have mentioned at some point that I don't actually have my rat's tail anymore! It's gone! I couldn't bleach it and I didn't want to have the "possum" look of the blonde and then the brown, so it's gone for the first time in two years.

    2. Aww, that is such a shame! It looked so cute! You should have made an announcement. I love your blog and pics so thank you for the welcome, and I will pop in regularly :)


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