Wednesday, 3 October 2012

(Steam)punk (OOTD)

I have taken almost no pictures of myself over the past while, because over winter my uniform became green skinny jeans with polyprops underneath + merino top in purple, orange or black + spotty white or pink cardigan + flat boots. And then I'd layer at least one more cardigan and coat over that. Some days I gave up and wore a ski jacket (as in the jackets you wear when you're actually skiing in snow) to work because I was so sick of being cold and it's deliciously warm and means I don't have to layer as much.

As far as outfits go, it wasn't a hideous look. I'll take a photo next time I'm wearing it. However, wearing it literally every day for weeks got me very depressed about my attire and the weather! I didn't want to blog when I had no outfits to blog about and with my recent bra buying reduced to zero due to a dearth of funds, I had nothing to say.

I still don't really have anything to say, but I actually dressed up yesterday. It was just to go to work (where no one sees me because I am in a horrid little office with not even an outside window) but it made me feel better! Good enough to take photos, in fact.

Please see this video if you are unfamiliar with this pose!

I may have said it before, but these shoes keep surprising me with how comfortable they are, especially when I wear them with thick socks!

I had the great fortune to be asked by my best friend and her mother to be a model with them in a fashion show last weekend, to model some of the stuff they were selling at a geek convention called Sancon. The fashion show was steampunk and dystopia themed, and we were entered into the steampunk section. I will make a post specifically about that once I get photos of us, but as a thank you for participating in the modelling with them, my friend and her mum gave me one of the necklaces they'd made and were selling at Sancon. It was incredibly generous of them, considering I had so much fun that I should've been giving them something!

I'm not a total steampunk fanatic, but I am very drawn to the adventurous explorer types that you can be within the steampunk genre and I will definitely be wearing my necklace a lot in future.

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