Thursday, 10 January 2013

A grey little river (OOTD)

I'm back. I'm not even going to bother with excuses. I got none. I won NaNoWriMo ("won" meaning I got to 50,000 words before the 1st of December) and stopped reading blogs.

Fortunately, I did not stop living. I went rockclimbing to help supervise year 9 kids at school and got to do some rockclimbing of my own; I'm not good at rockclimbing, but it is quite fun especially when using climbing shoes for the first time. I went to Lake Tekapo with some work colleagues and bummed around in a beautiful place for a few days. I went swing dancing twice. I worked a fair bit, including over the public holidays on New Years. I played on our new Wii on Christmas Day and beat my brother twice in baseball (on the Wii). I unicycled to the pool and went swimming alone for New Years and didn't wear anything sparkly. I got a new job at a petrol station, bringing my job total up to four. I got my brakes on my car replaced. I played Settlers of Catan with some friends and then got very excited when they got engaged the next day. I spent some time being depressed and I pushed past it. I read a blog post about asking God for a word to meditate on during the year and ended up with the word "persevere", which has helped me even in the few days since finding it.

All in all, I've rather enjoyed my holiday season. I've worn pants most of the time, but there have been a few shorts days. My outfits have been mostly trackpants, since I've been house sitting a dog (ugh, dogs) and don't want to get anything else dirty.

It was actually way too hot for a merino jersey today, at 28 degrees Celsius. My boss found this jersey lying around at work (very weird for a top like this to be found in an engineering workshop).

Oh yes, I also got a haircut and gave up on trying to redye my hair. The dye hasn't been holding well.
The outfit above was actually rather unintentional. I went to Little River to see a friend and have dinner with her and some friends of hers. I was wearing the grey top, a red skirt and the red boots. When I got to Little River it was very windy (beautiful, but windy) and I gradually got colder. I have a carload full of clothing leftover from a clothing swap (I organised it, so I get to dispose of the unwanted clothing - nevermind that it was months ago and I haven't done anything with it xD) so I went to my car to rummage through for something warm. I ended up with the grey cardi, which is visible under the black one. I also had a grey camo jacket. I was still too cold, so I went back to the car for some pants, hoping just to find some bootleg jeans that fit and that weren't too embarrassing. Instead I came across these grey skinny jeans, exciting! After I'd slithered into them, I realised that my outfit was mostly composed of grey, a colour I usually avoid. I quite like the look though. I actually liked it so much that I recreated it today in order to get photos.

Currently have Angular Cheilitis (cracked corners of mouth) so any mouth movement is painful. Hence the above picture.

It's a half hour drive to Little River, one I would not normally make even though it's a beautiful place. The people who drive there are usually quite slow and I'm an extremely impatient driver, so it makes my drive painful. Not to mention I'm cheap on petrol. I'm so glad I went last night, however. It is truly beautiful and I got to spend time with good people, eating good food and drinking raw milk for the first time. As a lover of dairy products and especially creamy milk, drinking unhomogenized milk was amazing.

Please forgive the quality and size of the phone photos:

My glass of raw milk with the view from their house as the background.

Some more view, easily seen from the living room.

A cool old tree on the lawn.


  1. Did you cut off that little tail on the back of your hair?
    I asked for a tail like that the last time i cut my hair, so now I have short hair with the little braid from the 1985!!


    1. I did! I actually cut it off a number of months ago. It wasn't very healthy hair and I wanted my head shaved again. It was time for a change after a number of years with it.

      Hehe do you like your little braid? I think they look cool, on guys and girls.

  2. Sure! I love it and I got a lot of nice compliments about it, so I decided to keep it growing. Now it's only shoulder-lenght, but it's growing pretty fast!


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