Friday, 18 January 2013

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee (OOTD)

My last few days have not been good. Work has been difficult and at one point I lost my temper and behaved unprofessionally. I almost resigned yesterday. I think part of the reason I find it difficult is because I don't really have a set role. Being the boss's daughter, I get a freedom around the place that I wouldn't have otherwise, but it also means I'm often stuck between doing a set role (like paying the wages) and attempting to help my parents with much more management-related work, such as writing procedures for employment. I shuttle between normal employee work and management work and that's difficult because when it comes down to it, I am not a manager, just an employee who happens to know exactly how much money the business makes and what direction its headed in next.

So I complain occasionally and then get over it, because as horrible and frustrating and boring it can sometimes be, it's an education I'd never be able to get anywhere else, especially at the tender age of twenty one.

Now that's off my chest, I'm going up north for a Scripture Union camp tomorrow and don't come back until Friday. I wore an outfit I really wanted to document today, so I got off my butt and took photos of it. For some reason the third photo turned out kind of blue and then I couldn't fix any of them, but they still look cool.

Blue photo. New $5 boots from opshop. Quite pleased with them. Wool on the inside.

Normal colour!

Some random Thriller imitation.

Look Ma, no arms!

Oh yeah, I was wearing a terrible wig I got free at a clothes swap. Not bad under a beanie!

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