Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I mentioned that I hate to see regrowth in my blonde hair (my mum loves it and tries to get me to keep it, but no way) so as much as I love having blonde hair and as much as I suit it, it disappears pretty darn quickly. I've been sick all weekend and while on Saturday and Sunday I was too sick to do anything, on Monday I was too sick to go to work (contagious) I was not too sick to dye my hair. With food colouring. Six different colours.

Yup, finally went rainbow! It's quite hard to dye short hair multiple colours without having it look dumb, but I figured that with food colouring I could wash it out quickly if it went wrong. My brother helped, because he is wonderful and I can't reach the back of my head unless I'm just doing one colour all over. It took us a couple of hours and then ended up washing out to be paler than I'd like, but now I can say I've done it :D

Before I washed the food colouring for the first time. The orange washed out :(

I got asked tonight: "do boys like when you colour your hair?" My response was to say that I didn't know, because I don't ask for their opinions. If a guy gives a negative opinion unsolicited, I ignore it or tell him he's being rude; same goes for girls, but they're a lot less likely to say anything negative about my hair. Although I enjoy receiving compliments on my hair choices, especially when they're from people whose stylistic opinions I trust, I dye my hair for my own fun only.

I tried dyeing my armpit hair too, but the colouring just stained my skin without taking in the hair :( Now I have pink armpits lol

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