Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cut In Half (OOTD)

So soon after making my resolution not to buy unethically produced clothing, I went shopping and bought a dress, skirt, boots and a singlet top from a place which I know doesn't produce their clothing ethically. It's very embarrassing. I will have to completely avoid the mall for a while. I wanted to go opshopping, but it was a public holiday so opshops weren't open. My mother actually bought all the stuff for me (skirt, singlet and boots featured below) because she liked them on me. I also spent $300 on shoes, with an order for $300 boots also. The reason for the expensive shoes is I need to get shoes that actually support my feet, and I'm vain enough to want shoes that I think look nice (otherwise, as I know from experience, I won't wear them). It's incredibly hard to find shoes that fit both criteria for me, and I have to pay for them. I had to order all three pairs of footwear from the warehouse because they didn't carry my size - I have mini feet - so next week I will see if it's worth getting them.

I'm trying to avoid high heeled shoes because I tend to collect them and never wear them due to wanting practical footwear. I've never been one of those women who can wear heels every day. As soon as my feet start hurting, I want the shoes to go away. It means I end up wasting money on shoes I barely wear, because my feet never get a chance to get used to them.

So, since I'm doing well at breaking resolutions at the moment, I bought heeled boots. They're not even very high, but they are high enough to hurt my poor little feet. I couldn't go past them when they are such a beautiful colour and shape and only cost $35 (although if Mum hadn't paid for them I would've passed them up - I'm cheap).

I tried wearing my Freya Deco today, which is a decision I was paying for by the end of the day. I stupidly bought a 6FF instead of a 8F and although it starts the day simply feeling firm, by the end of the day I feel like someone is trying to garrote my underbust. I keep hoping it will get better as I wear it more, but I never want to wear it enough to let it stretch *sob* I will just have to suck it up, I suppose, because wearing it with an extender makes the cups gape too much and it's visible under a top, something I will not stand for.

In further bra related news, I visited Bras N Things in Riccarton yesterday and was irritated to find that they seem to be removing their larger cups and that there was nothing on offer that would even remotely fit me. The biggest cup I found was a 10E. I am bitterly disappointed by this move and hope it's just a temporary one. Evollove at Bendon isn't giving me much luck either :( I will keep trying.


  1. Absolutely love the skirt.

    Where were you buying $300 shoes from?! Overland?

    1. Cheers :) I've been wearing it a lot.

      Na, Ziera. You know, does orthopedic shoes? Had to get shoes with actual foot support. Ended up returning the shoes, but kept the boots. They are so gorgeous.

    2. Ah, yes. I'm surprised you found such lovely boots. I only ever see comfy but dowdy-looking shoes in there and also the price tags make me blanch. But then I am fine wearing heels or flats most of the day, so don't need them. I hope they are really comfy!


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