Monday, 25 February 2013

Punk-something (OOTD)

I got my hair bleached last Friday by a friend who's training to be a hairdresser. It was free and I like blonde and I got a free haircut. My problem with blonde is that I cannot stand regrowth and with hair as short as mine, regrowth is visible very quickly - the roots of my hair look grey to me in these photos and this is the day they were bleached! I'm probably just paranoid, but I do dye my hair as soon as I see my brown roots coming through (post on that later).

I mentioned last post that I spent $300 on two pairs of sandals and $300 on one pair of boots. I returned the sandals a few days later because they weren't comfortable enough for my liking, but the boots are simply amazing and I love them. I'm not normally one to rave over individual items of clothing because they're just clothes and there's not enough love in my heart for material items most of the time, but I think these boots and I are going to be in love for quite some time.

I liked this outfit a lot and got a number of compliments on it too. Not enough colour to be a model for all my outfits, but the sort of punk-something that I'm going for (punk-glam? punk-chic? punk-notpunk?), although ideally there would've been more spiky jewellery involved. I even went to the mall with the idea of purchasing spiky jewellery, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. I know I'm not a jewellery wearer.

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