Saturday, 11 May 2013

Kara Zor-El

Last Saturday there was a dance run by the council, specifically by the youth advisor, who tries to make life better for the young people of our district. He is a fantastic dude and so much fun to be around. Being a youth worker, as I am, I figured it would be good to turn up to said dance. It was superhero themed, a fact I ignored for a while until the youth advisor posted on the FB event wall (the way all the best events are organised these days) to remind us about costumes. I read it, went "oh crap, costume!" and immediately decided that I was going to dress as Supergirl. I've never read a single comic about Supergirl and didn't know a thing about her except that her costume was similar to Superman's. I still don't know any more than that, but I do know that dressing up as Supergirl was awesome!

My mother and I spent half of Saturday making my outfit - we made the belt and the boot bands, spray painted the boots red, made the Supergirl logo and sewed the logo and cape to the top and the belt to the skirt. The only big difference between my outfit and Supergirl's costume is that her cape was always red and we didn't have time to make a red cape, but this blue one that we found with no effort at an op shop for $2 was so excellent that I didn't care. Unfortunately, the dance was a bit of a flop. The town I work in is full of kids who want to drink alcohol and have access to a bus, so they don't want to go to alcohol-free events. It's really sad, but there you have it. With the fewer than 20 kids we did have there, we played the limbo and Ninja Tag. The dance finished early because of the poor turnout and we spent the last ten minutes trying to clean trolley marks off the floor after the racing some of the kids did in one.

However! I wasn't ready to go home and instead went around to my friend's place. She was sewing overalls for herself and her boyfriend as they were going karting the next day, but she finished them and chucked on some Lolita stuff (she wears Lolita sometimes) and we went to the nearest club/bar, which happens to be the only one in the entirety of Christchurch that I actually enjoy (due to the earthquake destroying them all). She'd never gone out in her Lolita before and I had obviously never been out as Supergirl before, but we had fun. Two people called her Mary Poppins and many people yelled at me in approval, or smiled at me. I had a lot of fun and would definitely dress up to go out again! Also, my first cosplay was super fun and I'd like to do some more.

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