Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hair Adventures Coming Up

My latest hair move can be seen above. I used Paintbox Electric Blue (poorly named, as it's a purple blue) and Green Envy to create a purple/blue/slightly green mix that was further changed by being put on hair that was partly brown, partly blonde and partly bleached pink. The pink actually took the dye the best, leaving me wondering if the supermarket bleach I used for the roots is stopping the dye taking properly. It might just be rubbish quality dye. The pink came from a Paintbox dye called Cherry Bomb, which is supposed to be red.

Although I like the combination of colors and have received a number of compliments on my hair, I think the part where the brown blends into the blonde/green/blue colour looks dirty and I don't like having dirty looking hair. I've decided to try better quality dye in the hopes of actually covering the blonde properly.
I bought La Riche Directions hairdye once before, getting Atlantic Blue and Alpine Green. I liked the colors a lot. This time I decided to try Turquoise and Tulip, both colours I am enamoured of. I'm not sure how I plan to blend them, as it's difficult with short hair to have distinct sections without going splotchy, but I will try.

The plan right now is to attempt to grow my hair out. I've not had hair longer than a few inches since early 2009 and since it has been a year or two since I've had annoying guys repeatedly tell me how hot I'd be if I grew my hair out, I've had a chance to come to like the idea as something I want to do, not something other people want me to do so they can enjoy looking at me more. I also know that hair texture can change when you stop using shampoo and conditioner so I'm hoping that I might have curlier, more voluminous hair. It's unlikely, but a girl can dream.

I find hair longer than a few inches very difficult to know how to style, so I found some ideas for varying lengths of hair that appeal to me, in the hopes that once I reach those lengths I can copy the hairstyles and not get frustrated and shave it all off.
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  1. I looove your new 'do! Pastel blue/purple/silver are my favorite colors in hair, and the blue really makes your eyes pop. It looks awesome on you. :)

    I myself just went back to these longtime favorite colors (albeit only a streak), and I'm loving them. But the blue I used was Manic Panic's new rockabilly blue, which is a beautiful color, but barely lasts two washes. I may have to touch it up with a different blue.

    1. Thanks Mikky :) Looks like I did the perfect hair colour for you then!

      Hmm, I've heard Manic Panic's blues are usually not great. I hear their yellows and oranges are good though. Maybe pink, too. Directions blue is really good.

      My colour stays in longer because I don't use shampoo or conditioner, I think. It's really handy that way.


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