Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Testing Time

NOTE: Google Reader is closing shop on 1st July! Don't forget to move to another reader, such as Bloglovin. I'm trying out Bloglovin right now.

Went opshopping today for the first time in a while. Got clothes I like for the first time in a much longer while. I went to Savemart, which is huge and usually quite expensive, but it's the closest to my home so I visit there more than anywhere else. I bought two items that I'm quite happy with. I'll show you those later. For some reason I didn't take any photos of them in the shop. I've been trying a different method of opshopping: being less specific about what I'm shopping for (I didn't really have anything in mind this time around) and being more specific about the areas I look in (I went through the whole "short dress" section one dress at a time, where I normally just look at things that catch my eye when they're squished in the rack - not a good tactic). It seems to have worked better for me than usual, and I got to try on some clothes that seemed okay, if not perfect.

I was going to try on some black flatforms that didn't look as tacky as the current flatforms out there, but when I got out of the changing room someone else had bought them :( They'll probably wear them more than I would anyway (due to me needing orthotics and not being able to wear shoes without support for very long) so it was probably for the best.

Right now I'll show you some of the rejects.
I liked this combination, but by itself the dress was unflatteringly straight and rode up lots.
Just...no. I did quite like the pattern, but the shape is very wrong for me. Wrong length, too.
This had shoulderpads. It might have looked okay with a belt, but it was too short anyway and had a weird seam down the middle.
I really liked this combination, but the belt was fraying and the top was XL so without the belt it was literally falling off me. If this opshop was cheaper I'd have bought it though. The colours are great.
Don't really like any part of this dress, although the material was okay for summer. It fit strangely and I clearly couldn't wear it without a top underneath. It was too big.


  1. I think the second one looks great! Definitely complements your hair colour anyway :)

    1. Thanks :) The advantage of dyeing my hair my favourite colours is that so many of my clothes match it because they're also in my favourite colours lol - and obviously, they're also the same colours I seek out when I'm shopping.


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