Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Oh the huge manatee (OOTD)

I was going to take proper outfit photos, but I seem to have lost my camera. I'm sure it will turn up sometime, possibly when I clean my room, but in the meantime I just took iPad photos so I could show you something. Not that my outfit was great today, but I'm on a blogging roll right now so I just want to post anything that comes to mind, just 'cause. Plus, my hair is actually pretty darn cool and you guys haven't seen it properly yet.

Right now, I want gorgeous sandals with arch support, little black booties with arch support and a motorhome that I can decorate and work out some kind of interior decoration style (since I don't have one at the moment) and have my own space. I'd also like my back to stop hurting. I can work on the last one at least by going to bed. Night!


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