Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Speed Shopping (OOTD)

I did not intend to buy any clothing today, but that ended up happening. I went paintballing with a youth organization called Youth Town and some kids from the high school I work at, as an alternative to the skiing trip that had been planned but was cancelled due to terrible weather. I wore fairly utilitarian clothing, but wasn't too worried about it as I'd seen on the website that we were given full overalls to wear while playing, which would keep my clothes clean anyway.

We were given those overalls, but the playing field was very wet and muddy and had big puddles in places. I gave my shoes up to get dirty (actually my 12 year old brother's old sneakers, too small for him so perfect for me) and got into the game. And then got more into the game, ending up lying down to avoid being shot in the head. I got a wet elbow and bum, but nothing too bad until near the end of the game.

We were playing Capture the Flag, and I was camped near our flag trying to work out where my enemies were so I could move up. I turn around to see an enemy player right at our flag and after shooting at her a couple of times I knew I was going to run out of ammo and not hit her, and we'd lose the game. So I decided to run straight at her, hoping to get the first shot in. I made my run, forgot to take my gun off safety and therefore couldn't shoot, started to retreat and fell over backwards into a puddle, soaking my entire bottom half. She shot at me with her last paintball, missed and was promptly shot by me. A great triumph, but left me extremely wet and cold for the next activity on the list, watching Despicable Me 2.

When we made it to the mall, we had half an hour to eat before the movie started. I raced to Kmart (purveyor of cheap, crappy quality goods) and ran around the store collecting pants, shoes, a warm top and even underwear in order to have something dry to wear. I always keep a change of clothes in the car, but I happened to be wearing my spare pants that day anyway, so there were no pants available. I managed to find an outfit consisting of three items that were on sale, costing me $30 and taking 30 minutes to find and change into. One of the teenage girls I work with told me she was actually pretty impressed by how good my outfit was considering the circumstances.

Behold (I don't think you can tell, but the pants are actually blue with swirly patterns on them):

The backs of the flats kill my heels, which I don't know if I can fix. The pants are labeled as mid-rise, but since they barely make it above my hips I don't think I'll be wearing them much, but I am happy to give them to someone else if zie likes them. And the pink jersey is fun with even a little cute cutout in the back with a bow. Either way, I would have been miserably cold for several hours without my purchases, so I'm happy enough with my fastest ever clothing shopping trip.

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