Tuesday, 27 August 2013


On the weekend a friend and I went tramping at Mt Somers, a mountain about an hour and a half from where I live. It was the first tramp I'd ever been on without a more experienced tramper and I'm pleased to say that my only mistake was forgetting to lock my car when I left it in the carpark (oops!). We had a blast, my left leg is still very sore from the steep downhill and I've only just felt recovered enough to unpack and blog two days later. This post will be quite photo-heavy as I try to show you some of the better shots I managed to take.

The stream we walked beside for most of the tramp. Very delicious water.

Me in all my stripey glory on a chocolate stop at the highest point of our tramp, about 750m above sea level.

A strange little waterfall.

The little white dot at the bottom of the top left quarter of the photo is the hut. The other white patches are snow.

The 19 person hut we stayed in with 9 other people. Behind it you can see the cliffs that a group of climbers explored.

A photo of me looking out over Christchurch, my home. You can't tell, but the rock we're on is probably about 6m high.

Finally a river of snow and ice. And a dead possum, somewhere in the debris.

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