Saturday, 3 August 2013

Playin' Around (OOTD)

I have felt like being creative lately, probably stemming from my actually sticking with my crochet work for more than a few hours and having something that resembles a scarf for my trouble. It doesn't yet completely look like a scarf because I haven't been able to finish it this week, which is unfortunate because at the moment that's all I can really think of when I consider being creative. However, the reason for not being able to finish is making me happy enough. That reason, ladies and gentlemen, is that I got my first tattoo. It is nothing fancy at all, and was quite expensive for two lines being drawn on my ring finger (that's right, in place of a wedding ring) but I am happy with it nonetheless. I was concerned that my overly sensitive skin would absolutely hate it, but I got it on Wednesday and so far I've had no problems at all. I'm not going to risk rubbing it with the yarn while I crochet, however, which is why my scarf is on hold.

I'm trying not to publicise my tattoo too much because although I got it in a public part of my body, I did that so I would see it often and remember that God's love for me is unsurpassed and my worth is based on that. Since I don't look at the rest of my body on a very regular basis, my hand was the most sensible place for it. I also want it on that particular finger to remind me that men are not the basis of my self-worth and if I ever get married my husband's opinion of me, while obviously extremely valuable, will never be more important than God's opinion of me.

Since I didn't have the crocheting to fill my creativity quota, I decided to play around with work's Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V. This post is therefore filled with my attempts to work out the exposure, white balance and manual focus on a grey, blustery day.

The weird distortion around my fingers comes from the camera's cheating attempt to imitate a wide aperture. I didn't notice it when taking the photo and it's just too late now.
I'm fairly pleased with the results I achieved, considering how little I know about cameras and how cold I was getting. The colours look accurate and my skin is the correct colour as opposed to the pale, shiny monster I was when I left the camera on auto. I often wish I was paler than I actually am, but not to the degree where I start losing my nose or any skin definition. Some of the photos are definitely not as clear as they could have been, but it's hard to set a focus and then run around the camera and get into the correct place for said focus.

I have edited this photo slightly in Picasa to make it a bit brighter, because my EV was set to deal with my skin colour and obviously there's no skin in this photo.
I came back in from my photoshoot to see a series of messages from a man on a dating site. The first acknowledged that I didn't date non-Christians but asked to hang out, the second suggested ice skating and that he show me some scientific documentaries, the third was a change of mind as I am apparently "too far gone" into religion, the fourth was confusion about my apparent "contradiction" between saying I'm intelligent and yet believing in God and the fifth was telling me that obviously the reason women remove their body hair is because body hair is manly and men like smooth women.

Although I'm tempted to respond to his insulting and small-minded messages, I'm going to refrain because I know from so much experience that I could never win such an argument and I'd only get upset. I'm slightly upset anyway about the disparaging remarks about my faith, because I don't like people thinking I'm stupid. I've learned not to make assumptions about somebody's intelligence, motivation or life based on views zie holds and I hope he does too, but I am not going to be the one to teach him. As for his explanation of body hair...that's one of those views where I have to be strict with myself in order to not make assumptions about a person's intelligence because I really don't know how someone could admit that body hair grows naturally on women and then state that it's manly. Grr. Anyway, he's gone now and I shall think of him no more.

And finally, I leave you with a photo of my cat looking more normal than he usually does.


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