Sunday, 15 September 2013

Full of Hot Air (OOTD)

On Tuesday it was really windy, so of course I wore a skirt to school. In my defence, it wasn't windy when I got dressed. What counts against me, however, is that I read the weather forecast predicting gale force winds and still wore a skirt. Oh well.

I liked my outfit a lot, except for desperately grabbing at the sides of it when the gusts of wind blew (at school - at home I was egging the wind on). I wanted to get photos to show just how windy it was, but of course when I went out for photos it had died down. It picked up later that night and blew so strongly that the power went out around the entire region (except down the road from our house!), trampolines were destroyed, trees uprooted and some houses damaged. Some places still don't have power. It was sad that something I enjoyed so much caused so much unpleasantness for so many people. We lost power for about 14 hours, so nothing much to worry about, although it was the longest power cut I remember ever having.

I am now leaving for a dessert, spa and movie night with some friends from church. I'm feeling tired and like I don't want to go out, as usual when I have an engagement of this kind, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I get there. I need to go, because I've been feeling lonely and mopey quite a lot lately, so it would be very silly of me to complain about having no social events and then decline one.


  1. I love this outfit! Colors, stripes, boots... All kinds of great. You look awesome. <3


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