Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Est 1984 (OOTD)

Well, I was thinking tonight I might have something fascinating and informative to say, but then I remembered that my three assignments for my Certificate in Youthwork are due tomorrow so it was homework time. I don't even want a Certificate in Youthwork - if I ever do youthwork again, I will be very surprised - but I don't have to pay for it and new qualifications and learning are not to be snooted at. And I kind of like schoolwork, so it would've been very silly to turn it down.

As it was, I was silly enough not to do enough work on my assignments (all three of them, so difficult) before now, because I hadn't realised just how much time they would take. My eyes are going all fuzzy from staring at a computer screen with contacts in, and I haven't even finished my third assignment. Fortunately, the real due date is in a week, so I'm not actually in trouble. Only my pride is hurt, because I kept saying I'd be done with them in heaps of time. Whoops >>

Anyway, today was cold and I was lazy, so it was ski jacket day. I think my ski jacket is from the 1980s and I get laughed at for wearing it, but it's nice and warm and comfortable. It's also partly my rebellion against the puffer jacket generation, because I loathe those things. At least my jacket has character, instead of being the top half of a black sleeping bag. And I got a compliment today on my "awesome 80's jacket", so there. And you know what? I felt really cool today, like I'd managed to hit the look I go for.

Just look at that smirk.

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