Monday, 7 October 2013

Happy and Jazzy (OOTD)

Today I didn't want to wear a skirt and I didn't want to take outfit photos. The result is a fairly half-assed attempt at both, but at least that self-control thing is coming along. Speaking of self-control, this is the third day that I've managed to go for a run and today I managed it at 8.30am in the morning after sleeping less than 6 hours (probably the equivalent of 2 hours sleep for normal people) instead of going back to bed. This is a major achievement for me and the first time I've ever gone for a run in the morning. I also played my new game Just Dance 4, which is actually fun. Hooray me!

Areas in which I've lacked self-control have been getting this post done actually on the 7th and doing my blog anniversary post - my second anniversary on the blog was two days ago. Whoops! I'm being nice to myself though, which is an effort for me and feels nice. It's part of learning to take care of myself, and becoming a more Christ-like person through loving myself and allowing others to love me instead of beating myself up. I like it so far.

I was so tired this evening that I nearly fell asleep on my keyboard, and then I slid off my computer chair and went to sleep on the floor for three hours. Such a glamorous, exciting life I lead.

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