Thursday, 3 October 2013

Interesting Times (OOTD)

It's not actually the third of October anymore, because work was meant to finish at 11:15pm and theoretically I could've got my butt into gear to get a post out before midnight, but exciting things happened and now I'm buzzy and only just starting to write this post at ten to one in the morning.

I had almost wrapped up at work when a drunk Irish man came in at three minutes to close to request cigarettes. He complimented my hair, I thanked him, the transaction concluded and he didn't leave. For the next five minutes he attempted to persuade me to consider going out with him sometime while I informed him I don't drink, smoke, have sex or go out with people who do and that normal people find me boring (usually). I also started panicking about not being able to start my usual closing routine, which has a very tight deadline. Eventually I got him to go away by giving him my number (causing my mum to freak out in case he murders me over the telephone) and got into the closing routine.

I thought that was a lot of excitement, but it caused and was trumped by the next piece: I screwed up and forgot to close the safes.

I didn't realise this until I was almost home, of course. I started worrying and called the workmate I'd closed with (who told me to just not care - sorry, I know we work at a petrol station for minimum wage, but not possible!), called another workmate who might've been awake, but wasn't and then hoped my brother would have keys so I could get back into the place and put the till into the safe and then actually close and lock the safes. Fortunately, he has just been given keys in the last few days so I was able to drive back, praying I'd figure out how to open the door and that the alarm wouldn't go off. All was well and I was able to fix my mistake. I'm not sure how bad it would've been if I hadn't fixed it, but my co-worker always tells me the two important things are putting the tills away and closing the safe, so I'm glad I could fix it.

All in all, it was an interesting night. I still feel quite nice from the compliments drunk Irish man gave me, since I don't usually get compliments from normal guys any more. And I managed to wear a dress and take photos of it today, so I feel accomplished.

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