Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stepping Out (OOTD)

So, you may have noticed that I didn't keep up with blogging every day - and if you follow my Instagram, you'd notice I also didn't keep up with Frocktober. I do not feel bad about this. Frocktober was sapping my desire to wear frocks, since I had to do it regardless of the weather or my activities, and I was running out of things to say every day. Uploading my photos to the computer involves swapping my sd card to another camera, so it's more effort than I wanted for every day. So I went silent, wore some pants and recovered from my funk.

Today was lovely and warm, reminding me that it's time to buy some more sunscreen and start putting it on my tattoo every day, lest it fade too quickly. I think I'm meant to wear it every day all through the year, but so far I have not managed that even once.

Although I am perfectly happy with my lovely pale legs (no tanning - real or fake - for me, no sir!) they are pretty blinding in these photos and for that I apologise.

Only one thing of note happened today, and that was that I worked up the courage to express interest in the insanely attractive young man who helped me look at tablets at the mall. I don't usually find guys all that attractive, so after being reminded of just how cute this guy is, I asked if he was single and Christian. Sadly, the answer was no (to which one in particular or to both, I'm not sure) which left me feeling a little bit down, but the important thing to remember is that I did it and it did not kill me.

Speaking of things not killing me, last night I went to a workmate's birthday party, marking the first time I have interacted with any workmates outside of work (or mandatory work do's) ever. And it also did not kill me! I got hugs and conversation and people telling me how glad they were that I came. Hooray for stepping out of my comfort zone!

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