Friday, 4 October 2013

You Win Some...(OOTD)

So far I'm enjoying this Frocktober thing. I get so sick of wearing pants all winter - even though I like my pants - that forcing myself to wear skirts and dresses is stretching my creativity a bit and helping me out of a rut. It helps that I'm in a "I don't care about guys and what they think of me" phase, so I'm back to wearing wigs and whatever I feel like because I'm not concerned about being pretty.

I'm not sure about this wig, especially combined with so much black. I love my pale skin (partly because it's nice, partly as a rebellion against the permanent tan Kiwi women are meant to have) but I think I looked a little washed out in the face in these photos. It might just be the strange look of not wearing glasses. Although I did chuck sunnies on, because I love sunglasses and can't wear them unless I have contacts in.

Why was I wearing contacts, you ask? My little brother turns 13 on Monday and to celebrate he wanted a family paintball game. So my father and two brothers and I headed out to play paintball, for which I need contacts so I don't fog up. It's hard enough to see with the masks without adding glasses to the mix. My father and I lost to my two brothers, and I didn't even shoot anyone until the game was over. My brother and I were racing, him to get to the whistle and me to shoot him before he could blow it. He won and I shot him just after he'd ended the game. Whoops!

I was wearing my Panache Sports Bra in all of these photos; doesn't it just give a fantastic shape, especially for a sports bra? Slightly too flat for this dress, resulting in some looseness around the neckline, but it's a bra I have no qualms about wearing as a normal bra, which is awesome.

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