Friday, 29 November 2013


We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand. I have no problem with this, as to me it seems to revolve around eating large quantities of turkey with family you'd rather not be around. Obviously there is no historical event that Kiwis remember on this date (although we should perhaps give thanks on Waitangi Day as we remember the treaty that is meant to be the backbone of this country). However, the idea of pausing to remember what you are thankful for sounds fantastic, so I am going to participate.

  1. I am thankful for God and zir grace in the face of human life. Although I often wrestle with God's identity and character and the way the church seeks to represent God here on earth, when it comes down to it, I cannot escape from God's love and that is awesome.
  2. My family are so fabulous. I still live at home with my mother, father, 20 year old brother and 13 year old brother and my relationship with all of them is so good that sometimes it makes me want to cry. We all care for each other and look out for each other and spend time together and I know that my life is irrevocably changed for the better because of them.
  3. The friends who have flowed into and around my life. I don't have the soulmate/best friends forever lady I'm after, or a manfriend who wants to marry me, and I'd like both of those people (applications are currently being accepted!) but there are many people in my life who have added much to it.
  4. My Bosom Bloggers. It's such a hilarious name for our group, but even though I barely ever post about bras they still like me and send me presents for Secret Santa and are an online family for me.
    The awesome knickers I received for Secret Santa.
  5. The opportunities I have in life are pretty staggering. I have good jobs, good education, a stable economy and somewhere to live. I am not in danger of injury, death or starvation. Being thankful for this helps to remind me that I want to help others have the same opportunities, even if they don't want to take them (we're all different).
  6. Finally figuring out my style. This one is so trivial compared to the rest, but I feel more in control of myself and less at the mercy of the male gaze now that I know that what makes me feel good and strong isn't what girly, feminine clothes I'm being told I should wear but the mishmash of girly with manly, and some punk rolled in with it. Girly and feminine are great things and I don't equate them with lack of power on others, but to me they take away my empowerment just because they aren't me. And I'm glad that I've worked that out.
    One of my favourite outfits of all time.
  7. Last but not least, you who read my blog. Sometimes I struggle to keep blogging, because I feel like nobody at all is reading this thing and I'm just waffling to myself, but I keep going anyway because someone will comment in a timely fashion or mention one of my posts. My blog will never be big because of my lack of interest in Twitter (yes, that's the only thing standing between me and global domination) but I am happy enough that there are some people who sometimes cast their eyes over these words and pictures. Thank you. 

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