Friday, 13 December 2013

Blessings (OOTD)

Friends, I am extremely blessed. Yesterday was the last day of school and my last day of working at my local high school as both a teacher aide and a youth worker, after a year and a quarter of the former and four years of the latter. I struggled many times over the years, trying to do my best in roles that I don’t see myself as particularly suited to, but yesterday everyone had nothing but nice words for me as they farewelled me and wished me the best for the future. I often think that I am not very likeable and it’s so surprising and gratifying to me to have so many teachers (and a few kids!) say they were going to miss me. I am going to miss them all too.



I think my unfortunate sunburn on my arms rather spoils the look of these photos, but due to my no Photoshop policy, they remain unchanged. After all, the reality is that I failed at putting on sunscreen properly and paid for it. I like the outfit regardless and had some fun playing around with my new camera’s timing settings (two seconds is not much time to pose!) and listening to The Humans are Dead by Flight of the Conchords, which is the reason for my beautiful singing photo.




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