Monday, 23 December 2013

The Hurrs

(Warning: many photos of my face. As usual, wearing no makeup and not edited except for the last few that were taken using special effects on mah camera.)

Today my hair looked cool. It always looks terrible after washing (which I did last night) because of not using shampoo or conditioner. My hair never achieves shiny and silky like hair is “supposed” to be like. That is fine by me! However, it means that my hair never just looks good without handling the day after I’ve washed it. So, I brushed it into my usual style of most-of-it-on-one-side and was left with a puff of ear-length hair sticking out on the other side. In irritation, I brushed this all over until I was left with most of my hair combed over to the left side of my head. Since my hair is currently an awkward length, the left side looked great, while the right looked like a mullet. So I pinned it up to look like an undercut.

And friends, you are receiving all of this boring hairstyling information because it worked! Both my mother and my co-worker (who is actually a hairdresser) thought I’d cut my hair. Hooray. I attempted to get photographic evidence of this, but I think I failed.


Hurr 002

Hurr 003

Hurr 012Hurr 014


Hurr 020

Hurr 027

Hurr 029

Hurr 032

Hurr 037

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