Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Catching Up (OOTD)

Well, that was almost a month away from the bloggie without any warning. I've not felt like blogging lately, since I don't seem to have anything to say and although I've been liking the outfit photos I've been taking, it seemed enough just to take them, without putting them on the internet. But now I am house sitting and bored and should probably do something slightly productive while my first ever slow cooker meal sits simmering.

My Christmas was good, thank you for asking. I hope yours was too. I had a good morning with the family and then celebrated my friend's 30th at a big party that night. New Years was a lot less good due to a sad friend and being forced to spend it with someone I'd rather never see again, but I survived so that's a good start to my year. Since then I have been working and not working, swimming a bit and having a church BBQ. It has been a good start to my year.

I've also had a painful date (I really need to stop dating, I just don't enjoy it at all), got my lip pierced and had a cat poop on my clothes at the house I'm currently house sitting in. The last two days have been spent in almost total silence as I attempt to avoid doing anything that might delay my piercing's healing. I've watched way too much tv (Doctor Who, yay) and given myself a sore back from sitting down too much and become bored, but so far no death-related thoughts and only a few depressed ones.

What follows are my fun attempts to get an outfit photo without my tripod because I left it at home. And all without smiling because I took them just after getting my lip pierced. Oh, and with clothes on the floor because I'm messy :)

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