Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Things I

I have started reading Glitzy Geek Girl and liked her idea of occasionally posting a list of things that have been making her happy, so I stole the idea.


Glitzy Geek Girl
Even without having the idea of happy things for me to steal, I have been enjoying Anna's cute and enthusiastic blog. She posts many pictures of her very cute cat (always a winning move, I think), has heaps of great tutorials for cosplay costume creation - most of which she's doing for the first time, making me envious of her crazy talent and she introduced me to Arda wigs, which is reason enough to make me happy all by itself.


Arda wigs
I own three wigs already, but this website is already tempting me to buy at least two more right away. The wigs look great quality - and there are galleries showing real people wearing them, they're cheaper than I'd have expected, there are tonnes of choices and some of the colours are to die for. That orange. That teal!

Upcoming travel
Scary, yes, but mostly exciting. Getting the chance to travel is such a privilege and I know I'm going to live my time in Asia with my dad. I'm more nervous about making my way through the USA alone, but I well be visiting loss of friends who I know will take good care if me. Plus, in going to visit so many theme parks! So far I have three confirmed and another two as possibilities - yes, I am a bit addicted.

(Also, I know. I'm going to Vietnam, China and the USA and the only picture I can find is a plane?! To tell the truth, I'm very excited about the first plane trip. I like plane trips and airports - I have traveled little enough that they still spell 'adventure' to me.)

Nice weather
It has been raining almost every day for the past two weeks, and had been grey even whenever it wasn't actually raining. I was beginning to forget what the sky looks like. However, we just had a four day weekend over Easter and for three glorious days the sun was out! It's back to grey rain now, but over the weekend I was able to wear a dress, go for a walk and take some photos. And oh, that walk was heaven.

Christened Mittens McMinnie by my younger brother, I call his kitten Mitten. She is adorable and has the silkiest fur I've ever touched. I am a cat lover anyway even when the cat is my strange and highly strung Evelyn, but Mitten is constantly suffering from my hugs and kisses.

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