Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bags, Hair, Glasses, Oh My! (OOTD)

I imagine bags have been an integral part of many women's outfits for as long as bags have existed, but I still haven't bothered with the idea that I'm supposed to actually take photographs of me wearing mine. I think I have one or two photos on this entire blog that include my handbag. Since I get mine from op shops for $3-4 a pop and wear them for function only (although liking the look is a plus), it doesn't even occur to me to ever include them in an outfit.

My latest bag is a find I'm very proud of. I only tend to use one handbag and wait until it dies before getting another (as opposed to having multiple used on a rotation basis), but my old bag never had many pockets and the fake leather was flaking off and getting all over the place, so I kept my eye out for something to replace it. Originally I was looking at camera bags online, but when I went shopping for my Princess Leia costume for my last post, I came across a many-pocketed bag for only $3, that I figured was worth a try even though it wasn't very pretty. I haven't taken a photo of it, of course, but a month of use has me raving over its six zippered pockets (yes, six). No more do I have to worry about my phone getting scratched by my keys, or grubbing about trying to find some gum.

Maybe one day I will discover the joy of making a handbag an accessory, but right now the joy of pockets is too great.

On Friday my friend invited me to an outing her burlesque exercise group was doing, pin up bowling. She's only been going to burlesque for two weeks and doesn't know anyone, so she wanted a social buddy. Although I hate bowling, I agreed to dress myself up and come along. I'm glad I did, because we had a blast chatting with the other girls, mugging for the camera and nibbling on the provided food. The following was about as pin up as I can get, with a wig that can't be heat styled and only one form-fitting dress, but I felt awesome and the others were shocked that my wig wasn't actually my real hair. I was pretty astonished at my ability to actually have fun spending the evening talking with total strangers, but the whole experience left me feel bolstered about my growth in the social arena.

Speaking of hair, I think this is what I have arrived at for my travel hair. Roots already coming through, sadly, but that's what I get for bleaching it too soon. I was bound to get visible roots in the two and a half months I'll be away anyway. I'm trying for something easy to maintain but also visible and me. We'll see how I go with this. I anticipate possibly getting a haircut/bleach/dye in the USA anyway to stop me looking scraggly.

I've also managed to finally get contact lenses sorted, so I will not be a glasses wearer for much of my trip. I'm curious to see how that goes, because this will be the first time I've worn contacts for an extended period of time. I've always just done glasses.


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