Friday, 6 June 2014

Adventures Ahoy

As I begin writing this I am in a plane above Australia, on route to Singapore. We've been in the air for 4 & 1/2 hours and have another 6 & 1/2 or so to go. I have a scarf wrapped around my face because the humidity is too low and I have watched Strictly Ballroom and played one of those iPad games that is supposed to make you smarter by including maths and logic and so on.

A blog post about a flight isn't very exciting, I know, but I wanted to start this trip properly by documenting it right from the beginning. I don't remember half the things Dad remembers from our last Asia trip in 2008 and I don't want to forget again.

I'm trying not to sleep on the plane because it will be about 7pm when we get to Singapore and we're staying the night in the airport. If I sleep now I won't be on the correct time schedule. Since I woke up 11 hours ago and won't be sleeping for at least another 8, I foresee a very grumpy Emma at the end of this flight!

But I won't leave you with that. I will leave you with the knowledge I will be able to jump into my first day in Ho Chi Minh City well rested from a wonderful sleep in Singapore's Changi airport!

Update: it is now morning and I spent the night sleeping on the floor of the airport. I'm still tired but I did sleep well enough to be cheerful. Poor dad was cold because I had his jersey.

(ps. I think the photos will just show up higgledy-piggledy at the bottom of this post instead of nicely interspersed and for that I apologize but I have no control over it!)

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