Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 3 - Can Tho

I tried writing this more briefly due to falling behind rather drastically in my blog writing. It's not really enough detail though so you will have to live with slower but more detailed posts after this. I've actually written six more as of the publishing of this post, but uploading photos is a real pain so I've been putting it off.
Our day started at 5am as we got ready for an early morning tour of the Mekong Delta that started at 5.30. We floated upstream to the Cai Rang floating market, where many vendors sold fruits and veggies. Our boatman, who didn't speak much English, bought us a pineapple to eat which was nice but made my mouth hurt for the next three days and made me decide no more pineapple, thank you!
The sunrise, before 6am in the morning
Somebody asleep on the back of his boat
The Cai Rang floating market
So many pineapples
Our boatman and Dad
Pineapple - looks good, tastes good, hurts bad :(
A much quieter branch of the Mekong Delta
Houses on stilts!
After the tour it was very hot - at only 8.30am - so I bought us some ice creams and then we wandered around Can Tho, seeing a water park that didn't seem to be operating and getting extremely hot and tired from the sun beating down on us. I was exhausted when we got back to our hotel and had a nap.
Wandering around Can Tho
When it was cooler and I felt better we explored Can Tho university, which was very unkempt in places compared to the groomed grounds I am used to. There were many students around  playing sports, mostly volleyball.

Uni students playing volleyball
On our way from the University to the tourist part of town we met a girl who was studying at the IT campus. She had learned all her English off the internet and it was impressive. She gave us an intricately folded 500d note which she said is a sign of friendship, and then took my name to add me on Facebook. Her name is Ngoc which took us a while to learn to say.

We parted ways to do some shopping - Dad for sandals and I for a maxi skirt, but it soon started pouring with rain and I felt bad taking my dirty shoes through the little shops so we met up at a place called Cappuccino to eat pizza (me), pad Thai (Dad) and lemon juice (both).

Then to bed, ready to return to Saigon the next day.

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  1. The floating markets look amazing! Is there one thing per boat or is boat one vendor that sells lots of stuff?


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