Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 4 Can Tho - Saigon

We'd booked an early bus back to Saigon so we got downstairs early in the morning to await the van that would come to pick us up from the hostel. While we waited I picked up a little book about a showjumping mystery and was halfway through when the van came, which was disappointing. 

We took a different bus company back to Saigon, one that went faster with fewer stops. Once back in Saigon we weren't sure how to get to our hostel, since the bus station is a long way from the center of the city. Some helpful people told us to get on a certain public bus and we did so, paying 5.000d each for the fare. Fortunately it took us right to the street we were staying on, almost opposite Vietnam Inn Saigon, where we'd returned. We were in the same room as before, but the Milo drinks I'd accidentally left in the fridge were gone :-(

On the public bus using Google Maps to check where we are

We didn't do much this day except plan what we were doing next. Originally we were going to stay another night there, but we decided to go to Dalat sooner - a decision I'm glad we made! We booked tickets for the next night at the local Phuong Trang bus office. 

That night when we went out for tea I decided to wear my dress, which was a bad idea as I was introduced to thigh chafing, a phenomenon I'd only really experienced after swimming occasionally in the past. Unfortunately the heat and humidity meant my thighs were really unhappy with each other, so as we strolled/hobbled through the tourist section of Saigon I grabbed some of the loose pants many of the tourists had bought and were wearing. I looked a bit dumb wearing a knee-length dress with baggy pants, but I don't regret my purchase at all. My pants have elephants on them, are light enough to wear in the heat and heavy enough to wear in the (admittedly very slight) cold and are the most comfortable thing ever invented by man. EVER. 

The pinnacle of style with a dress, pants and my sweaty face (it was about 34 degrees)
So looking and feeling fabulous, I ate nachos at a Mexican restaurant. Weird nachos, but still nice. I wondered how the chips were made because they did not taste familiar. Dad ate a lotus root salad with cold pork, fat and cucumber. After carefully picking the fat and cucumber out of his salad, he declared it quite yummy. I tasted a lotus root; it tasted of vinegar. 

After eating we just wandered around, visiting little commercial hole in the wall shops selling drills and glue (different shops in different streets - they're highly specialized) where everyone smiled at us, to the business sector with big highrises (comparatively) where almost no one looked at us. We stopped to take photos of a building that had lots of lights going through different patterns and while we waited for a good one to photograph I tried to do bunny ears to a local woman taking lots of selfies. I don't think I was successful.

A security guard snoozing while his partner smirks
Seafood for sale
Old men playing Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)

Some building with lots of light patterns. We waited for ages for this pattern to come back.

Ballroom dancing in the park

Soccer and bike tricks in the park

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  1. Your pants look amazing! Who knew thigh chaffing could turn into a good thing? Lol. It's really cool to see people out doing activities in public e.g. ballroom dancing etc. Is that a common thing in other countries?


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