Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Wishlists (yes, plural)

I am not usually one for this kind of post, because I don't like shopping and finding things I want encourages shopping! I do create a wishlist every birthday and Christmas, however, because gifts is not one of my love languages and I won't appreciate the thought behind a present I don't like! To save friends and family from having to guess what I'd like, I create a list of a few things I need or am generally interested in (and am never bothered if friends or family don't get me presents - my ideal present would be a heartfelt compliment).

This year's real wishlist consisted of the following:
  • The Mass Effect games
  • Money for my move to Australia
  • Anything related to Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars or Mass Effect
I know I'm getting the Mass Effect games, but the rest is a mystery - but since I've provided parameters, not too much of one.

However, for reasons that I have now forgotten, I decided I would do a bit of a scrounge around the internet and find some things I'd love to own. These things were mostly inspired by Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Kaylah from The Dainty Squid because I am really digging both their styles right now.

1. Fairview boots by Blowfish Shoes - These are not really in my normal style, but the fold down flap is so cute! They look like such cosy boots. And boots are a kind of footwear I can actually wear.
2. Baggy Cash Stud Lea boots by Palladium - Studs and boots. Kaylah sings Palladium's praises and these look practical but also badass.
3. Eavan Studded Gladiator Sandal from Shopbop - I can't actually wear sandals because of ~problem feet~ but these are really cool. If I could wear them I'd definitely buy them, because they're pretty cheap and I'm moving to a sub-tropical climate.
4. Saint Laurent 10MM Halston Studded Leather Sandals from Luisaviaroma - Whew, that one's a mouthful. These are more than 1200 dollars so even if I could wear them they would be off the table, but a girl can dream.

5. Supernova Twirl Skirt from Modcloth - I have wanted this skirt for about a year now and yet haven't bought it. It's that online shopping thing - what if it doesn't fit? But I might buy it one day so I can look like space.
6. Golden Goddess lipstick from KA'OIR - I don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear gold lipstick and that in itself is a good reason to want it, in my opinion. Imagine wearing it with that space skirt xD
7. Benni Flannel shirt from A&F - I love plaid, yet own only one plaid item, and that was purchased at an op shop after months of agonising over every plaid shirt I found. I'm very picky about it and this one looks so great.
8. Black lipstick from Portland Black Lipstick Co - (Picture from here) - Again with the fear of actually wearing it, but I've been trying to look more...edgy? Punk? I don't know. Something more out there.
9. Expecto Patronum ring from FamilyHouseStampin on Etsy - Can't have a wishlist without a nod to my recently increased desire to own all the geeky things. Have I shown you guys the wand I bought?

Have a look at my Polyvore account to see more of what I'm into. I used to have more sets but Polyvore deleted them randomly one day so I'm slowly building things back up. Do you see a boots, studs, plaid and geeky theme happening there? Because I do.

Link me to your wishlists, people! I want to see all of what people try to guilt others into buying them are longing for over the Christmas season.

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