Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What's Been Up

Hello everyone! I'm alive. I'm terrible at this regular posting lark. I have been taking outfit photos semi-regularly, but then uploading them to the internet (not even editing, just uploading) seems to be so much effort. Does anyone have any tips on how to upload them so it's simple to post them?

Well, obviously quite a lot has happened, not least of which being that I watched my blog's third anniversary go by unheralded. It's hard to believe that I've been struggling to post regularly for three years now.

The rest of my trip was fantastic. I will finish blogging about that, so stay tuned.

Upon my return, I decided within the first week back at work that I couldn't handle staying there any longer and that I was going to leave. So I advertised for, interviewed, chose, negotiated with and finally trained a replacement for my position of Office Admin at work. She's three weeks younger than my mother, which made me nervous about training her. She's great though so there were no problems. I'm still at work, despite having made my decision to leave four months ago. The end is in sight, however.

If you follow my Instagram you will have seen some of my updates as I'm on there fairly often. Here are some other things I've been up to:

Playing Mass Effect 3 for the first time. Oh my gosh, what a game. The Mass Effect trilogy is the undisputed winner in my list of great games, even despite my longstanding love of Morrowind. I cried so much playing ME3 because the characters are so easy to become attached to and I had to make some hard choices (hello choosing between the genocide of two races).

I played Depression Quest, a really fantastic interactive text game where you play a person with depression and have to attempt to make the right choices to lift the fog somewhat. Due to my own successful management of my depression I made the right choices and finished the game with my character feeling hope for the future. I really recommend this for anyone who wants to understand more about how depression affects people, or for anyone who wants to feel they aren't alone in being depressed.

I went to a giant book sale held in some stables (as you do) and bought a bunch of Isaac Asimov books. I have only read one so far but it was great.

I attempted National Novel Writing Month for the fifth time and failed for the third time, but ended with a story that I am feeling hopeful about so don't feel like it was a write off (har har).

The bride-to-be and me.
I went to my very first hens' night! It was awesome. Not a typical hens' night at all. We had a tea party, played charades, went to Lone Star for dessert, went to Scared Scriptless for The Hunger Games-based improv hilarity, then came home and asked deep psychological questions like "what's your favourite colour", the answers of which were meant to be representative of more important things like your view of yourself or your idea of Heaven.

Down at the beach, where I spent about ten minutes over the entire trip.
I went on the last family holiday I can see happening for a while. My family went to Australia for two weeks and I joined them for the second week down on the Gold Coast in Surfer's Paradise on Schoolies Week. Bad idea. Many teenagers. We went to Movie World and Wet N Wild but mostly we just hung out.

The happy couple!

The awesome cards box

Some of my friends
I went to my friend's wedding! It was Doctor Who theme and I was so excited. The dress I intended to wear no longer fit so I was a little more edgy than intended in a leather dress. No complaints here, however. Because my newly married friend is one from my old church there were a lot of my friends at the wedding, many of whom I hadn't seen for months. It was really great getting to hang out with them all and, of course, celebrating the start of my friends' new life together.

To finish this post, I shall let you all know of my recent life-changing decision. I am moving to Brisbane, Australia in February. I, who have never even moved out of my parents' house. I'm terrified and excited in equal measures. Ahh!


  1. I think your reaction to moving out of home is probably a good one, change is terrifying, and yet new place with all the new people and things to do can be exciting. I'm confident you'll find your way quickly.
    Regular posting is difficult, I only really started again this year and my LJ is more than a decade old.

    1. Thanks for the support Avron! My solo travels in the USA with only one freak out (which I will someday blog about) have me pretty convinced that I can handle the practical side of moving, so it's mostly worrying that I'll forget to do something really vital and that I won't make friends that is the scary part. But both are unrealistic, I tell myself!

      I like to read your posts. Blogging always takes longer than I expect it will. I think it's the photo aspect mostly.


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