Monday, 29 December 2014

Yuletide Joy

Ah, Christians. Nothing like stealing other religions' rituals in order to force them into Christianity for warming the heart.

I like to spend my Christmas knowing that the "reason for the season" is different for everyone and that for some people the "season" is no more than summer (or winter for you poor, cold northerners). Whatever the reason was for your celebration (or lack thereof) these past few days I hope you had a great time, like I did.

I usually have nice Christmases. They're not ground breaking: gifts is not one of my love languages so I'm not wild about the gift giving and receiving this time of year and I live with my immediate family and in a different country to my extended family, so the people I see on Christmas day are the same people I see the other 364 days of the year. That does not make it unimportant, however, because I can understand how blessed I am to have a family who love each other so much as to be together every day anyway.

We had our present opening in the morning, a few hours later than when we were kids because Christmas is no longer exciting enough to wake up at 7am when you fall asleep at 3am. After presents we played Trivial Pursuit, which I was pretty poor at. Then we got our lunch ready and scarfed that down. My brother had to head back home for his flat Christmas at 3pm, so he left and I taught my mother and youngest brother how to play Cluedo. Mum then asked me to gather raspberries for her trifle so I spent some time getting scratched and enjoying the sun gathering them and then decided to take outfit photos there while the others left to have dinner with family friends. My outfit photos frustrated me mightily, because I felt like I looked great but didn't think my photos reflected that. It was too nice a day for it to bother me for too long, however, so I packed up and also drove up to the family friends' place, where we finished the day with yummy dessert and taking photos of the family with various cameras.

Here are some highlights of the day (warning, lots of photos!):

Our Christmas tree

Mitten the kitten's homemade climbing tree

Jabin, our designated present giver

My Police Box scarf!

Mitten, the evil Christmas kitten

My Christmas haul (may have received more - if I didn't take a photo of it I forgot it)

Yummy Christmas lunch.

Our homegrown raspberries, picked by yours truly.

Getting sick of none of my photos working the way I wanted

Deathly Hallows earring!!!!!


  1. Quite off topic, but as I have seen you since then I feel I can be, is your cat scratching post/ climbing house homemade?

    1. Why yes, it is! (As you would know if you had read the photo caption :P). Dad and Jabin made it as a project (Dad did most of the work, of course) and it's absolutely amazing. It nearly reaches the ceiling.


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