Sunday, 4 January 2015

22 before 23

It is the accepted practice around the new year to look back over the old year and look forward to the new. That's not really my thing, but I am making a pretty big change soon so I have been thinking about the future. Some time ago I came across the idea of doing yearly goals in the pattern of number of current age before I reach my next age. I started off with doing 21 before 22 and then quite late into my 22nd year also did my 22 before 23. And then never posted them - or even finished them.

I'm now only four months away from my 24th birthday, so obviously posting my 22 before 23 is a little late. However, my impending move to Australia has me cooking up all kinds of goals before then. Some of these goals really do have to be achieved before I move, like get a job and a place to live; others are smaller, optional goals like practice hanging out with strangers and tramp as much as possible before I go.

I think I will formalize those goals to help give me some sense of organisation. It will help stave off the panic that is now always lurking, waiting for my rationality to depart so it can suggest that I will never get a job and will have to live on the streets and so on. Those goals should come within the next couple of days and in preparation I thought I'd go back over those ill-fated 22 before 23 and see if I actually achieved any of them.

1. As you can see, I somehow managed to miss out on having a first goal. Good job, Emma.
2. Nope, this didn't happen. It is still a goal and it will happen one day. Passive income, here I come.
3. Well, I did do swing classes at some point before I turned 23. I don't think I did any after I turned 23. I really should have, as I enjoyed it. Curse you, shyness!
4. Managed all of these! Hooray, friends!
5. Nope, no organisation. Also not planning to do this in future.
6. Again, no future plans for this.
7. Well, I kind of found sandals (although I was 23 at the time, shh) and then concluded that I just shouldn't wear sandals.
8. This did not happen. I managed once. This goal will pop up again.
9. Also didn't happen, sadly :( And also going to have this goal again.
10. I don't have a sewing pile any more, so I believe I did actually do this at some point.
11. Slowly but surely this gets chipped away - at about the same rate that water visibly erodes stone.
12. I've lost track of all the presents I'm supposed to have bought this boy.
13. I even had a friend demand that I finish it, but I'm stuck.
14. I think it was probably after I turned 23 that I really began to actually enjoy being single, but I certainly made progress in that direction.
15. This is an ongoing goal that will undoubtedly remain partially incomplete forever, but I think I made some progress.
17. Also, no. I dunno about before I turned 23 but right now I'm the biggest I have ever been and am frustrated at my lack of fitting into my favourite clothes.
18. Yes, this happened and continues to happen. My depression is well and truly under control right now.
19. Funny thing...I got really angry at God and didn't want to know Zir so I can say this definitely didn't happen. Not sure if it's a goal again yet either.
20. I have no idea if I achieved this goal or not.
21. I probably achieved this goal. I still watch Doctor Who every few weeks or so.
22. Irregularly is the name of the game, friends. I'm still here though and I pledge to keep on going.

Well, there we have it. I achieved about...9 of my 22 goals. Still, better than none! I'm far too changeable to have a bucket list, so I find that this is a pretty good way to keep my life kind of goal-oriented. Even a year is a long time for my flighty wishes though :D


  1. I think having goals is worthwhile, even if you don't do anything towards completing them.
    Spending time thinking about what you'd like to change in your life has to be useful. 9 of 22 is nearly half, I expect that's better than a lot of people (myself included) would manage.

    1. Thanks, Avron! I can't help setting goals, but getting them down on paper (or screen, as it were) is useful for measuring how I'm doing, I think. But if you're happy with your life then I don't think achieving specific goals is really necessary for everyone.


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