Monday, 19 January 2015

Feeling Apprehensive (OOTD)

I have hit my month countdown to my move and that milestone has been a bit rough for me. All of a sudden I started to focus on all the people and things I'd be leaving here and it got hard to believe I was voluntarily launching myself into a situation with no friends, no job, no direction and no real purpose behind it. This led to a stronger re-occurrence of my depression than I have felt in many months, which further fed my fears that I'd collapse into a quivering heap of depressed sadness upon arrival in Brisbane.

However, I have rallied! A Facebook post complaining about my depression resulted in several friends showering me with love and support and knowing that I have people rooting for me really helps. So I'm back to being mostly positive with a bit of grumpiness that I have to do crappy things like apply for jobs (or rather find jobs to apply for) and sell my clothes online.

I haven't been taking outfit photos because in an attempt to save money I haven't been going out at all except for work and rock climbing, both of which require rather specific outfits that aren't particularly interesting to photograph. I do have some photos of events and a backlog of photos, however, so I will chuck them up.

These photos are all from my friend's mother's steampunk birthday party. I didn't have anything steampunk to wear except a necklace said friend made for me, but there were extras that I could wear.

The birthday girl looking smashing

My crazy friend

Bathroom selfie!

Terrible, terrible mirror selfie in an attempt to capture my steampunkifiedness

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