Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Outfit Shenanigans with Invaluable


I stumbled across Invaluable a couple of weeks ago and ended up cruising around the rings page, checking out how much money people spend on rings (spoiler: often a lot more money than I have, although there were definitely a range of prices). I'm not much of a ring person usually as I find a lot of the combinations of metals and gemstones too ostentatious or "girly" for me, but after a bit of hunting I found some that I thought were pretty fantastic and thought maybe I could construct some outfits around them. I own quite a few rings, but most of them are very modern and cheap (they leave green stains on my fingers). I only have two "real" rings and they were my grandmother's so I wear them for sentimental reasons. I should show you guys those sometime. Maybe I'll make a real life outfit based around them.

The first ring I found is my favourite. It's really unusual and has my favourite colour as well as a unique shape. Please, someone go buy it for me. I'll love you forever. I couldn't help myself when styling an outfit for it; I had to go with stonewash jeans (how I love stonewash) and leather to satisfy my neverending longing for "edgy" clothing. I tried to choose more delicate jewellery and cuter boots to go with it to match the delicate beauty of the ring.

I was originally planning on just doing one outfit, but I became interested in the kinds of rings on Invaluable and the various prices they were available at, so I ended up finding three more rings that I saw myself easily creating outfits for. Of course with the the unlimited choices of clothing open to me on the Internet I didn't find the outfit creation easy after all and spent hours poring over this kind of shirt and that colour of shoes before I was happy with what I had, but I think I came up with some pretty fun outfit options that showcase the gorgeous rings which are a sample of Invaluable's options.

Invaluable 2

This is the sort of outfit I'd wear to a super fancy event like a posh wedding or work do (if I went to that sort of thing and could wear high heels). The photo of this ring has an annoying black background, which isn't ideal, but I loved the black diamond. To me it speaks of refinement but also a little toughness and mystery at the same time.

Invaluable 3

Next up is the juxtaposition of a super casual outfit paired with a dainty and fairly blingy ring. The blue jewels are apparently blue diamonds which I thought was a cool departure from sapphires and I personally love seeing a comfortable, slouchy look with that unexpected hint of ladylike. I would definitely wear this outfit myself with no alterations.

Invaluable 4

Finally, I thought I'd have a go at doing an office appropriate outfit. I probably wouldn't wear this outfit myself (how likely is it I'd be working in an office with a dress code anyway?) but I tried to combine items that looked professional and flattering with just a little bit of personal style. I love that the shoes match the emerald, being as matchy matchy as I am, and the necklace from Etsy seller Lockhart Wrks provides a very unique touch as well as supporting indie business.

I tend to find outfit creation or online shopping pretty exhausting and time consuming because there are so many options that my perfectionist tendencies go into overdrive and demand that I find the "perfect" item, but I'm really glad that I didn't give up on this post because I know I'd certainly wear the outfits I created (including all the rings if someone wants to spring several grand to buy them for me)!

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