Thursday, 5 March 2015

Summer Holiday (OOTD)

Hello! I have moved and am currently squatting at my boyfriend's house. Hence the lack of blogging. Not that I need a reason! Some friends of the BF's parents are joining us tomorrow so all up there will be eight of us in the house - and the bathroom/toilet are getting renovated so there's only the ensuite available. So many fun times.

I have not yet got a job or a flat, but things are looking up on the job front and flats are plentiful. Having not left home before, I'm choosing not to settle into a flat until I have a job, partly due to money conservation and partly because compared to Christchurch, Brisbane is huge and I don't want to give myself a long commute to work by settling somewhere too soon.

I've managed one outfit photo shoot while here.

My move here started with Calum (who was not yet my boyfriend) being late to the airport to pick me up. After sitting around for forty minutes or so, having had no replies to my messages, I began to wonder if perhaps I should make alternative plans. I decided to wait a couple of hours before giving him up for lost. Fortunately he turned up. We shared an awkward hug (first time meeting in person, exactly a month after he first messaged me on OK Cupid) and later that evening I asked him to be my boyfriend. Too quick, you say? We'd been talking nearly every day for 6+ hours for two weeks prior to that meeting, I retort.

As is my wont, I brought a cyclone with me and the Sunshine Coast was subject to Marcia for several days. Fortunately for us it didn't come far enough south to do more than rain nonstop for a couple of days, although it did flood Calum's friends' house. Calum and I went for a walk in the rain and had fun on a deserted (funnily enough) playground.

I was adopted into Calum's friend group, played board games many times and was driven around by Calum's parents until his dad put me on their insurance so I could drive one of the cars. This I did and on my first time on the motorway Calum and I missed our exit and then broke down. We had to be towed, went to a mechanic, got a sparkplug replaced, drove home with a still dodgy car, discovered the lead for the sparkplug needed replacing and replaced it the next day. An exciting, stressful little drama that fortunately only left us with oily hands and sunburnt necks and a realisation of how little we know about cars.

Calum's younger sister turned 20 last week, so we had a birthday breakfast celebration. It was exciting to be included in it. I spent a large portion of our shopping trip to the city stressing about what I would buy her as a present (ended up with a book, which I am not sure if she has read but at least the whole ordeal is over - until Calum's younger brother's birthday this month ><).

This is Calum; my relationship with him has changed my move to Brisbane significantly. I had people teasing me about moving for him, but in reality meeting him so soon has been a little bittersweet as I feel somewhat less adventurous as he, his parents and his friends have been helping me out a lot - even to the point of cooking for me (he's a vegetarian, a great cook and enjoys cooking so who am I to say no?). On the other hand, he's great and I would be very silly to want to give up knowing him just to feel a bit more like a pioneer.

Hopefully by the time I post again I will have exciting news about jobs and flats - especially the flat, as I want to decorate my own space instead of feeling like a guest - so stay tuned.

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of Costco pizza. My first visit to Costco.

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  1. :) Glad things are working out for you. And you're definitely right in thinking it would "be very silly to want to give up knowing him just to feel a bit more like a pioneer."
    That is a long time to talk to anyone.


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