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Hey there. I'm Emma, and I'm terrible at introductions of any kind. However, I do enjoy them so I'll try.

I'm a Christian and my desire is that my entire life glorifies God. I go to a baptist church but don't put much stock in denominations, I'm a staunch believer in following the Bible in its entirety, I love to worship God through many means and I firmly believe that my place in the world as a woman is not at all inferior to a man's place. I'm a youth leader at my church and sometimes feel a love for my youth group kids so strong that I start crying just thinking about them (don't tell them!). I'm not ashamed to talk about my faith, but I would rather show someone love without mentioning God than stand on a street corner, cos that gives me the heeby-jeebies.

I wear an 8FF (UK30FF) bra. I'm currently looking at 8G/30G and 10FF/32FF bras too, to see if I can get a better fit than I have at the moment. Stay tuned.

My measurements are 36-29-39 (chest, waist and hips if you're like me and didn't know what they were). I'm 5'1" and currently about 140 lbs. I wear NZ sizes (funny that!) and converted to US sizes, that means I sway between a US8P and a US10P. I'm usually about a US8P in the waist (if I get it over my shoulders) and a US10P around the hips and bum. I can't actually wear petite pants, because I have a long rise.

I'm about a size US5.5 in shoes, which I understand is quite small. I fit everything between a size 4 and a 6.5 over here, which is frustrating in some stores and a blessing in others.

As you can see, although I'm petite in height and shoe size, I'm not really in body weight or curves. I'm also suuuuuuuper short legged (26" inseam!) with a long torso that makes me average height when I'm sitting down - much to the surprise of many of my taller friends. Being above average weight and measurements for my height but really short and with little legs means that it's really hard to find pants that fit. Until 9th of October 2011, I had zero pairs of pants that fit. Now I have one pair of jeans. Yay!

I am 21 and live in little New Zealand, which while beautiful and a privilege to live in, is a long way away from shops like J Crew and ASOS and Anthropologie (none of which I'd heard of maybe two months ago). That doesn't bother me, but I'm also a long way away from cheap bras, which is a bummer! I do my best to find the cheapest bras I can here and maybe review some stuff that's closer to home so Kiwis can shop for bras with a little more knowledge.

This blog was originally for clothing, but I have discovered that it's kinda boring to take photos of my outfits every day. Especially since I don't like to repeat my outfits so I can't even make use of previous outfits when I'm having an off day. Instead, I found out that bras are actually awesome things instead of the devil's most annoying item of clothing.

Don't read any more of this intro if you don't want to learn boring personal things about me! Stop! Go back to the home page! But read on if you like learning boring things, like me :)

My hobbies include reading anything I can get my eyes on, learning to ride my unicycle, shopping, roleplaying (play-by-post forum roleplaying, mostly Harry Potter), gaming (on a PC) and skipping from new thing to new thing. I like to try new stuff and I get bored quickly. I'm an administrator at an engineering company and a youthworker at a high school. It's challenging to juggle the two very different environments and the different demands made upon my skills, but I like challenges.

I am not a dog person at all. I adore cats and am planning, yes planning, to be a crazy cat lady when I'm old. I have one kitty at the moment called Evelyn. He's not very photogenic, unfortunately.

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