No Photoshop

Looking at photos of glamorous, shapely, smooth and flawless women can be disheartening for those of us who don't realise the extent that Photoshop has changed them from their natural look. Makeup and clothing go some way towards hiding "imperfections" and emphasising that which we would prefer to show, but Photoshop takes that to new heights. I've spent moments looking at photos of bloggers, especially, where I've envied their beauty and later found out that they Photoshop their so-called flaws away. That is their right and I can understand wanting to do so because putting yourself out there is scary, but I don't want to do it myself.

I want to show everyone who sees my photos a face and body that is the one you'd see if you met me on the street - Photoshop free and almost always makeup free too.

Unless otherwise stated, the only editing my photos will have will be rotating, cropping and removal of red-eye. Occasionally I will remove dust spots where they are distracting, but I'm working on actually just making sure my lens is clean xD

Up until now, on this blog, I have once or twice used Photoshop to lessen the appearance of my eyebrow piercing scar, but I have decided I won't do this any longer.

This is partly for you, reader, because we all have lumps and bumps and bits we don't like a whole lot but me pretending I don't doesn't help that, and partly for me because I don't want to one day look at my photos and realise they aren't of me.

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