Sunday, 21 August 2016

Australis Velourlips Mum-bai Review

I haven't been blogging for a year and a half now, but I haven't given up on trying to dress in authentic and (hopefully) interesting ways. I have increased in lipstick-wearing courage since last leaving you all, as you'll know if you follow me on Instagram (which you should!).

The other day I was looking around for interesting makeup available locally in Australia. We get access to drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Revlon and Rimmel in supermarkets and department stores like Big W and Target, but they rarely branch out from your basic nudes, pinks and reds - perhaps an occasional work-appropriate purple. There are also some stores that sell fancy makeup brands, but I balk at spending $30+ for one lipstick. Imagine my delight when I wandered into Priceline and found Australis selling black, blue and green lipstick!

I didn't actually buy any of those colours, haha. Instead I went for a dark purple that I hoped would lean red. I've really been wanting a dark, brownish/purpleish/reddish lipcolour for a while now.

Introducing the Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Mum-bai.

Only $10.49 - would it live up to my hopes?

In short, no. I found the formula really drying, but that could be forgiven if it weren't so darn patchy. It was impossible to get even on my lips, as you can see from below. It's a matte lipstick so it requires some pretty quick moving to get it in place before it dries, but that's something I'm very familiar with as a matte lipstick lover.

It also never really dried. It didn't transfer a lot like a non-matte lipstick would, but it certainly wasn't kiss-proof. It stayed tacky to the touch and it made me uncomfortably aware of my lips all day.

This is one coat, applied over bare lips with no liner underneath or anything on top.

I tried eating a sandwich. It didn't seem to come off on the sandwich too much, but it definitely left it even patchier.

I do love the colour, but the patchiness really stops it from being wearable. I tried again with a lipliner underneath and that did make it look a bit more even, but at the cost of being easier to rub off on things. I ate a burger and ended up with lipstick on my fingers and chin.

I am going to persevere, in case there is some trick to making it work. It's not going to be something I just slap on before running out the door, however, so I doubt it's ever going to make it into my favourites.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Summer Holiday (OOTD)

Hello! I have moved and am currently squatting at my boyfriend's house. Hence the lack of blogging. Not that I need a reason! Some friends of the BF's parents are joining us tomorrow so all up there will be eight of us in the house - and the bathroom/toilet are getting renovated so there's only the ensuite available. So many fun times.

I have not yet got a job or a flat, but things are looking up on the job front and flats are plentiful. Having not left home before, I'm choosing not to settle into a flat until I have a job, partly due to money conservation and partly because compared to Christchurch, Brisbane is huge and I don't want to give myself a long commute to work by settling somewhere too soon.

I've managed one outfit photo shoot while here.

My move here started with Calum (who was not yet my boyfriend) being late to the airport to pick me up. After sitting around for forty minutes or so, having had no replies to my messages, I began to wonder if perhaps I should make alternative plans. I decided to wait a couple of hours before giving him up for lost. Fortunately he turned up. We shared an awkward hug (first time meeting in person, exactly a month after he first messaged me on OK Cupid) and later that evening I asked him to be my boyfriend. Too quick, you say? We'd been talking nearly every day for 6+ hours for two weeks prior to that meeting, I retort.

As is my wont, I brought a cyclone with me and the Sunshine Coast was subject to Marcia for several days. Fortunately for us it didn't come far enough south to do more than rain nonstop for a couple of days, although it did flood Calum's friends' house. Calum and I went for a walk in the rain and had fun on a deserted (funnily enough) playground.

I was adopted into Calum's friend group, played board games many times and was driven around by Calum's parents until his dad put me on their insurance so I could drive one of the cars. This I did and on my first time on the motorway Calum and I missed our exit and then broke down. We had to be towed, went to a mechanic, got a sparkplug replaced, drove home with a still dodgy car, discovered the lead for the sparkplug needed replacing and replaced it the next day. An exciting, stressful little drama that fortunately only left us with oily hands and sunburnt necks and a realisation of how little we know about cars.

Calum's younger sister turned 20 last week, so we had a birthday breakfast celebration. It was exciting to be included in it. I spent a large portion of our shopping trip to the city stressing about what I would buy her as a present (ended up with a book, which I am not sure if she has read but at least the whole ordeal is over - until Calum's younger brother's birthday this month ><).

This is Calum; my relationship with him has changed my move to Brisbane significantly. I had people teasing me about moving for him, but in reality meeting him so soon has been a little bittersweet as I feel somewhat less adventurous as he, his parents and his friends have been helping me out a lot - even to the point of cooking for me (he's a vegetarian, a great cook and enjoys cooking so who am I to say no?). On the other hand, he's great and I would be very silly to want to give up knowing him just to feel a bit more like a pioneer.

Hopefully by the time I post again I will have exciting news about jobs and flats - especially the flat, as I want to decorate my own space instead of feeling like a guest - so stay tuned.

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of Costco pizza. My first visit to Costco.

Monday, 9 February 2015

23 Before 24

Considering I'm turning 24 in two months, it's probably a little late to be drawing up a 23 before 24 goals list now. That doesn't matter to me, because my upcoming move to Brisbane (8 days people!) has prompted a whole lot of goal-setting that filled up that little list of 23 goals nicely. They're mostly focused around the move and settling in happily and healthily once I arrive. My leaving party has come and gone successfully so my stressing has shifted back to the move itself. In an attempt to assure myself that I am doing a good job of preparing to move my whole life northwest, I shall show y'all my plans for the next couple of months.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Outfit Shenanigans with Invaluable


I stumbled across Invaluable a couple of weeks ago and ended up cruising around the rings page, checking out how much money people spend on rings (spoiler: often a lot more money than I have, although there were definitely a range of prices). I'm not much of a ring person usually as I find a lot of the combinations of metals and gemstones too ostentatious or "girly" for me, but after a bit of hunting I found some that I thought were pretty fantastic and thought maybe I could construct some outfits around them. I own quite a few rings, but most of them are very modern and cheap (they leave green stains on my fingers). I only have two "real" rings and they were my grandmother's so I wear them for sentimental reasons. I should show you guys those sometime. Maybe I'll make a real life outfit based around them.

The first ring I found is my favourite. It's really unusual and has my favourite colour as well as a unique shape. Please, someone go buy it for me. I'll love you forever. I couldn't help myself when styling an outfit for it; I had to go with stonewash jeans (how I love stonewash) and leather to satisfy my neverending longing for "edgy" clothing. I tried to choose more delicate jewellery and cuter boots to go with it to match the delicate beauty of the ring.

I was originally planning on just doing one outfit, but I became interested in the kinds of rings on Invaluable and the various prices they were available at, so I ended up finding three more rings that I saw myself easily creating outfits for. Of course with the the unlimited choices of clothing open to me on the Internet I didn't find the outfit creation easy after all and spent hours poring over this kind of shirt and that colour of shoes before I was happy with what I had, but I think I came up with some pretty fun outfit options that showcase the gorgeous rings which are a sample of Invaluable's options.

Invaluable 2

This is the sort of outfit I'd wear to a super fancy event like a posh wedding or work do (if I went to that sort of thing and could wear high heels). The photo of this ring has an annoying black background, which isn't ideal, but I loved the black diamond. To me it speaks of refinement but also a little toughness and mystery at the same time.

Invaluable 3

Next up is the juxtaposition of a super casual outfit paired with a dainty and fairly blingy ring. The blue jewels are apparently blue diamonds which I thought was a cool departure from sapphires and I personally love seeing a comfortable, slouchy look with that unexpected hint of ladylike. I would definitely wear this outfit myself with no alterations.

Invaluable 4

Finally, I thought I'd have a go at doing an office appropriate outfit. I probably wouldn't wear this outfit myself (how likely is it I'd be working in an office with a dress code anyway?) but I tried to combine items that looked professional and flattering with just a little bit of personal style. I love that the shoes match the emerald, being as matchy matchy as I am, and the necklace from Etsy seller Lockhart Wrks provides a very unique touch as well as supporting indie business.

I tend to find outfit creation or online shopping pretty exhausting and time consuming because there are so many options that my perfectionist tendencies go into overdrive and demand that I find the "perfect" item, but I'm really glad that I didn't give up on this post because I know I'd certainly wear the outfits I created (including all the rings if someone wants to spring several grand to buy them for me)!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Feeling Apprehensive (OOTD)

I have hit my month countdown to my move and that milestone has been a bit rough for me. All of a sudden I started to focus on all the people and things I'd be leaving here and it got hard to believe I was voluntarily launching myself into a situation with no friends, no job, no direction and no real purpose behind it. This led to a stronger re-occurrence of my depression than I have felt in many months, which further fed my fears that I'd collapse into a quivering heap of depressed sadness upon arrival in Brisbane.

However, I have rallied! A Facebook post complaining about my depression resulted in several friends showering me with love and support and knowing that I have people rooting for me really helps. So I'm back to being mostly positive with a bit of grumpiness that I have to do crappy things like apply for jobs (or rather find jobs to apply for) and sell my clothes online.

I haven't been taking outfit photos because in an attempt to save money I haven't been going out at all except for work and rock climbing, both of which require rather specific outfits that aren't particularly interesting to photograph. I do have some photos of events and a backlog of photos, however, so I will chuck them up.

These photos are all from my friend's mother's steampunk birthday party. I didn't have anything steampunk to wear except a necklace said friend made for me, but there were extras that I could wear.

The birthday girl looking smashing

My crazy friend

Bathroom selfie!

Terrible, terrible mirror selfie in an attempt to capture my steampunkifiedness

Sunday, 4 January 2015

22 before 23

It is the accepted practice around the new year to look back over the old year and look forward to the new. That's not really my thing, but I am making a pretty big change soon so I have been thinking about the future. Some time ago I came across the idea of doing yearly goals in the pattern of number of current age before I reach my next age. I started off with doing 21 before 22 and then quite late into my 22nd year also did my 22 before 23. And then never posted them - or even finished them.

I'm now only four months away from my 24th birthday, so obviously posting my 22 before 23 is a little late. However, my impending move to Australia has me cooking up all kinds of goals before then. Some of these goals really do have to be achieved before I move, like get a job and a place to live; others are smaller, optional goals like practice hanging out with strangers and tramp as much as possible before I go.

I think I will formalize those goals to help give me some sense of organisation. It will help stave off the panic that is now always lurking, waiting for my rationality to depart so it can suggest that I will never get a job and will have to live on the streets and so on. Those goals should come within the next couple of days and in preparation I thought I'd go back over those ill-fated 22 before 23 and see if I actually achieved any of them.

1. As you can see, I somehow managed to miss out on having a first goal. Good job, Emma.
2. Nope, this didn't happen. It is still a goal and it will happen one day. Passive income, here I come.
3. Well, I did do swing classes at some point before I turned 23. I don't think I did any after I turned 23. I really should have, as I enjoyed it. Curse you, shyness!
4. Managed all of these! Hooray, friends!
5. Nope, no organisation. Also not planning to do this in future.
6. Again, no future plans for this.
7. Well, I kind of found sandals (although I was 23 at the time, shh) and then concluded that I just shouldn't wear sandals.
8. This did not happen. I managed once. This goal will pop up again.
9. Also didn't happen, sadly :( And also going to have this goal again.
10. I don't have a sewing pile any more, so I believe I did actually do this at some point.
11. Slowly but surely this gets chipped away - at about the same rate that water visibly erodes stone.
12. I've lost track of all the presents I'm supposed to have bought this boy.
13. I even had a friend demand that I finish it, but I'm stuck.
14. I think it was probably after I turned 23 that I really began to actually enjoy being single, but I certainly made progress in that direction.
15. This is an ongoing goal that will undoubtedly remain partially incomplete forever, but I think I made some progress.
17. Also, no. I dunno about before I turned 23 but right now I'm the biggest I have ever been and am frustrated at my lack of fitting into my favourite clothes.
18. Yes, this happened and continues to happen. My depression is well and truly under control right now.
19. Funny thing...I got really angry at God and didn't want to know Zir so I can say this definitely didn't happen. Not sure if it's a goal again yet either.
20. I have no idea if I achieved this goal or not.
21. I probably achieved this goal. I still watch Doctor Who every few weeks or so.
22. Irregularly is the name of the game, friends. I'm still here though and I pledge to keep on going.

Well, there we have it. I achieved about...9 of my 22 goals. Still, better than none! I'm far too changeable to have a bucket list, so I find that this is a pretty good way to keep my life kind of goal-oriented. Even a year is a long time for my flighty wishes though :D

Monday, 29 December 2014

Yuletide Joy

Ah, Christians. Nothing like stealing other religions' rituals in order to force them into Christianity for warming the heart.

I like to spend my Christmas knowing that the "reason for the season" is different for everyone and that for some people the "season" is no more than summer (or winter for you poor, cold northerners). Whatever the reason was for your celebration (or lack thereof) these past few days I hope you had a great time, like I did.

I usually have nice Christmases. They're not ground breaking: gifts is not one of my love languages so I'm not wild about the gift giving and receiving this time of year and I live with my immediate family and in a different country to my extended family, so the people I see on Christmas day are the same people I see the other 364 days of the year. That does not make it unimportant, however, because I can understand how blessed I am to have a family who love each other so much as to be together every day anyway.

We had our present opening in the morning, a few hours later than when we were kids because Christmas is no longer exciting enough to wake up at 7am when you fall asleep at 3am. After presents we played Trivial Pursuit, which I was pretty poor at. Then we got our lunch ready and scarfed that down. My brother had to head back home for his flat Christmas at 3pm, so he left and I taught my mother and youngest brother how to play Cluedo. Mum then asked me to gather raspberries for her trifle so I spent some time getting scratched and enjoying the sun gathering them and then decided to take outfit photos there while the others left to have dinner with family friends. My outfit photos frustrated me mightily, because I felt like I looked great but didn't think my photos reflected that. It was too nice a day for it to bother me for too long, however, so I packed up and also drove up to the family friends' place, where we finished the day with yummy dessert and taking photos of the family with various cameras.

Here are some highlights of the day (warning, lots of photos!):

Our Christmas tree

Mitten the kitten's homemade climbing tree

Jabin, our designated present giver

My Police Box scarf!

Mitten, the evil Christmas kitten

My Christmas haul (may have received more - if I didn't take a photo of it I forgot it)

Yummy Christmas lunch.

Our homegrown raspberries, picked by yours truly.

Getting sick of none of my photos working the way I wanted

Deathly Hallows earring!!!!!